23 01, 2021

What I Learned From Writing A Quarter of a Million Words, 250,000 Words Special

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What I Learned from Writing a Quarter of a Million Words on My Blog, My 250,000 Words Special! So, here's what I learned from writing a quarter of a million words on my blog, that writing is really really hard work, and that it can be soul crushing at times, but that I really love blogging overall and that I'll probably be at least dabbling in it for my entire life. I see most blogs that do posts like this always [...]

23 01, 2021

How Does After Hours Trading Work?

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How Does After Hours Trading Work, What is After Hours Trading And When Can You Use It? How does after hours trading work, and how can you effectively use the to get lower stock prices on the buy side of the market, and higher sell prices on the sell side of the market. After hours trading is something that such a small percentage of traders and investors actually initiate in, that it is almost rarely talked about in the world of [...]

23 01, 2021

How do Required Minimum Distributions Work?

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How Do Required Minimum Distributions Work, And How Can You Make Sure You Hit Yours Correctly? Preface on this blog post by saying that I am not a CPA or an accountant, I am a candidate for the IRS Enrolled Agent exam, and am currently also sitting for my CFP exam in the field of Wealth Management, so don't necessarily take what I say here as financial advice, but more for your general financial information. With this in mind, I have [...]

23 01, 2021

How Much Does SEO Cost? The Finances of SEO

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How Much Does SEO Cost? My Take on the Finances Behind Performing High Quality SEO Audits on Your Website The question of how much does SEO cost for my website is a very interesting one, in that Google's guidelines will actually tell you that it is generally against policy to purchase links etc. With this in mind, there are some legitimate ways that you can use money to increase your SEO visibility, for instance by hiring experts for SEO consulting, and [...]

17 01, 2021

How to Do Onpage SEO, My Favorite Skillset

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How to Do Onpage SEO for Your Website, And Why This is My Favorite Skillset In this blog post, plain and simple, I am going to teach you how to do onpage SEO from start to finish, and am going to show you what I've been doing with my blog posts and my website as a whole for nearly a decade now, and of why this is my favorite skill in the world because of how powerful it is. SEO, or [...]

16 01, 2021

Why I Am Learning The Pilots Alphabet, A New Journey

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Why I Am Learning The Pilots Alphabet, A Possible New Journey Into the World of Flying In this blog post, I'll take a quick break from talking about finance incessantly like we typically do here, and will discuss why I took some time today to learn and memorize the pilots alphabet, a possible introduction into the world of becoming a pilot and of learning to fly a plane. This blog post, while somewhat off topic, actually strongly relates to business and [...]

16 01, 2021

Jocko Willink Review, How Much Does Jokko Willink Make?

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Jocko Willink Review, How Much Money Does Jocko Willink Make? In this blog post, I am going to give you my full rundown of my Jokko Willink review, and I will talk about why I absolutely love his mindset, and of why I sometimes actually watch his videos when I'm feeling really stressed out at work or in my own personal life. Today, I'll also answer the question of how much money does Jokko Willink make, because I think that his [...]

12 01, 2021

How to Make Money with Code and Create a Second Income Source

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How to Make Money with Code Online Fast Even if you have no prior coding experience there are a million reasons to learn the basics of code and start making money with it. Many of the options listed below require no prior coding experience and as long as you know what you are doing to some extent, you’ll be able to make money. There are several different ways to use code as your main source of income or to set up [...]

10 01, 2021

Wikipedia IPO, Why Won’t This Unbeatable Online Dictionary Go Public?

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Wikipedia IPO, Why Won't This Unbeatable Online Dictionary Go Public, And Why They Are Actually a Nonprofit Organization The much awaited Wikipedia IPO is unfortunately probably not something that you'll see in my own or in your lifetime, in that the company is actually structured as a nonprofit organization and runs solely on donations from generous readers. Shocking thing is that were they to put ads up, they would make at least an order of magnitude more in annual revenue, probably [...]

10 01, 2021

How Much Can I Deduct from a Capital Loss?

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How Much Can I Deduct from a Capital Loss on My Tax Return? And Why Losses can 100% Offset All Gains on Sales of Stock How much can I deduct from a capital loss on my tax return, and is it wise to sell stock at a loss for a tax deduction? In this blog post, we'll look into the thick and the thin regarding what happens when you deduct capital losses on your tax return, how much you can deduct [...]