About Us

Here at Inflationhedging.com, we believe in providing accurate and fully available financial information about all things personal finance, accounting, business, and regarding the realities of money in Hollywood TV. Throughout our blog, you’ll see blog posts ranging from accounting and tax, to my take on investing, as well as the real world finances behind certain hollywood TV shows, like how much a certain character would make, what the money looked like in a certain TV show, etc. I am extremely passionate about making the realities of money and personal finance come to light for the average reader, and given my degrees and work-experience in the fields of Wealth Management, Financial Analysis, Accounting and Tax, I think that I’m a great person for the job. I am currently a candidate for the Enrolled Agent Exam, am a Notary Public, and am pursuing a CPA License at some point in the future, this blog is my journey through these goals and in learning about all things finance.