Dana Tan Batman Beyond, A Tale of Wealth Inequality

In my Dana Tan Batman Beyond review, I’ll give a brief review of the show Batman Beyond, and will also walk through why I think Dana Tan makes a perfect wife for Terry McGinnis, as she eventually turns into his wife to be at the conclusion of the show. I really loved the Batman Beyond show, in that it takes place in the future, and touches on a lot of future issues that we very well may be dealing with, such as wealth inequality, and an increased gini coefficient (based on wealth inequality). And so, without further ado, here’s what I think about the show Batman Beyond, and namely of the future wife of Terry McGinnis, Dana Tan, more commonly just known as “Dana” within the show Batman Beyond. For more information, be sure to subscribe to our blog or to comment down below for more information.

Other major characters within the show Batman Beyond include:

Bruce Wayne

Dana TanTerry McGinnis

Dana Tan


Terry’s Mom

Terry’s Brother


the Joker

Mr. Freeze

Derek Powers

Ace the Dog


Barbara AKA Batgirl



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And a host of other really cool characters, read on or subscribe to our blog for additional details and information. Also, on a complete side note, I absolutely LOVE the music for Batman Beyond, it is absolutely killer!

My Dana Tan Batman Beyond Review, Why She is the Perfect Wife for our Hero Terry McGinnis

Dana Tan is a very sexy, attractive, nice, friendly and extroverted woman, and while I’m not sure what career she has at the end of Batman Beyond, I think it is pretty safe to say that she is also fairly intelligent and very educated, and while not as intelligent as Max from Batman Beyond, who is basically a genius programmer that stuns even Bruce Wayne with her intelligence at times, Dana is still very smart in her own right. I think she makes a good wife for Terry McGinnis, because it seems like Dana is able to cut loose and relax when she wants to, which is something I think that Terry could use a lot of, since he is very hyper disciplined, and since she might be able to help him relax and live his life a little bit.

Drawbacks of Dana Tan in the Show Batman Beyond


She is a partier

She values fun and living life more than work – This can be both a pro and a con no matter how you look at it

She seems like the type that might cheat

She seems promiscuous

She is so hot that she may need to always be the center of attention

She is not super compassionate and seems quite needy at certain points in the show

Personality wise….I think Max might’ve actually been a better fit for Terry as a long term wife, or partner if you will, but Terry didn’t need a warrior girl, he needed a lover!

**A quick update to this blog post since I wrote this in mid 2020 and it is now 2021, I unfortunately see at this point the world and the United States heading towards a more liberal economic framework. And with regards to my politics and as a moderate, while I applaud liberals on their generally good social policies, because I don’t think we need the government to be the arbiter of morals, I think that these increased stimulus packages etc. will halt the economy by taxing the wealthy and not giving them enough money to scale their businesses, which will halt economic and stock market growth over the long run. And while I see that wealth inequality has gotten ridiculous due to this coronavirus pandemic, I think that more and more Batman Beyond, which takes place largely in 2039, is going to become a reality with regards to the automation, gini coefficient increases, and general economic problems that we may have in the very near future.  It is almost scary to watch and I can tell you that I am doing everything possible to grow my SEO websites and to keep my computer skills as sharp as possible as we head into the new world of 2020, 2030, 2040 and beyond, because I sure as heck might need them. It never hurts to have a second set of skills outside of wealth management and finance, and I think that I might add tax and accounting as next on my list!

Final Thoughts on My Dana Tan Batman Beyond Review, Overall She is a Good Girl for Terry, AKA Batman

All in all, Batman Beyond is one of my favorite shows on television, cartoon or otherwise, and it is definitely my FAVORITE cartoon of all time. The music is amazing, the show deals with the future, and with real world problems of the future, and it really has a lot of character development and realistic scenarios that someone with this type of life might get into. It is really cool to follow Terry’s adventures and to see how he gets better, stronger and more experienced with time also. For more information on all things TV shows and TV characters, and for more future Batman Beyond show reviews, be sure so subscribe and comment down below for more details and information.




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