Wags Billions, My Review of Mike Wags Wagner from Billions

Mike wags Wagner, is my own personal favorite character from the hit TV show billions. He reminds me a lot of some friends that I previously had back in college, what what is carefree matter, drug addicted drug habits, love of hookers, strippers, women, and all of the voices, and of his risky behavior, constant brash language, and general carefree attitude about life. Michael Wagner is the man we all aspire to be deep down in our hearts, and when adding a net worth of over $200 million to his character, you get a partner of Bobby Axelrod on a fantastic TV show, that really makes a name for himself and stands out to the fans. While Mike Wags from billions has had some really iconic scenes on the show, such as his ATM scene with Wendy Rhodes in their therapy session, or the time when he yelled at someone for hounding his friend the sushi chef, I still like Bobby Axelrod as my main idol and favorite character on the show. If you look at Mike Wagner however, I’d say he has a very interesting psychological profile for someone in his stance, and that he is actually very creative and high in openness, hence the spiritual trips that he takes with Bobby frequently and his love of substances. The following blog post will look at my favorite Wags billions moments, and will give a full run down of Mike Wags Wagner from billions. If you enjoy the post, be sure to subscribe to our blog for additional details and information, and for daily blog posts featuring all things finance.

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I did mention that I think Wags has a very interesting psychological profile, and I was not kidding, so I want to take the opening of this blog post to comment on this, using the Jordan Peterson Big 5 Personality Model of Traits. Regarding Wags, they are below:

  1. Openness/IQ – In terms of Openness, Wags is actually incredibly open, probably in the 65th-75% percentile for this trait. The reason I say this, is that he has an appreciation and an interest in things like Art, and he frequently tries new experiences, especially those in the more spiritual category, like in season 5 of billions when he goes on the spirit quest with Axe, or he has a last supper for Axe featuring an Ortolan bird ceremony. Since Openness is very closely correlated with IQ, and Wags is definitely a fiercely intelligent person, I’d give him an IQ of between 130-135, a top 5% IQ. Bobby, his friend, boss and colleague, probably has an IQ closer to the 150 range, with his openness being closer to like the 55-60%.
  2. Agreeableness – Wags is actually a very disagreeable person, although he does have very agreeable moments on the show and to those around him he can be a very friendly guy. For agreeableness, I’d put him at the 32nd percentile.
  3. Extroversion – He loves to talk, and he loves to go out and drink. I’d put him in the 85th percentile for extroversion, in that he absolutely loves partying and going out, and can talk to people very well. There are not a whole lot of scenes in the show where he is portrayed as being alone. Bobby, is probably closer to like the 75th percentile or 80th percentile for this range, in that he is very Wags Billionsoutgoing, but is portrayed as spending time alone to think, or with just him and his wife, or him and Wendy, quite often. I could even argue it is closer to like 65% or maybe a tad lower and that he is pressing towards the ambivert level, in that again, he is portrayed as spending a lot of time alone to think.
  4. Neuroticism – He is very low in neuroticism, and is virtually fearless, so much so that it often times gets him into trouble. With this being said, there have been times where he’s been cautious rather than impetuous like Bobby has, so I’ll put him at the 20th percentile for neuroticism, or perhaps a little lower.
  5. Conscientiousness – Once again, this is an area where Wags definitely shines. I would definitely put him at somewhere around the 85 percentile or 90th percentile for this, and possibly a little bit higher. As a unique deca millionaire, and a man likely worth hundreds of millions of dollars, he uses his traits like IQ, openness, being disagreeable, having a lack of neuroticism and being very high in openness to succeed in life. Axelrod, by comparison, is likely closer to like the 99.99999999% percentile for this trait, as he is portrayed as working 100+ hours a week in total pursuit of money and power.

Wags Billions, My Favorite Scenes Featuring Mike Wagner from Billions

Personally, my favorite scene with wags, is at the end of season two of billions, right is Bobby Axelrod gets arrested. Wags is standing next to Wendy, Chuck Rhodes wife,  Who tells him to be kind to the employees is there likely in distress, and lets him know that she’ll be ready for sessions in order to keep them calm. She also tells him that those who want to stay can, and if those need to take some time off and take a leave of absence. Wags steps up stairs are right in the eye, and says to her “ yes, that’s very sweet and supportive. But no I don’t need you to be the team Doctor Who puts players in the concussion protocol and stops them from playing I need you to be the team doctor with smelling salts, Cortizone shots, steroids and fucking Lasix for their lungs, who tapes them back together and shoves them back in.” To this, Wendy then replies “ look at you, leading.“ Wags then responds with “I’m glad we’re fox hole buddies.” 

Final Thoughts on Wags Billions, My Second Favorite Character on The Show

In wrapping up this blog post, I decided to go the psychological profile route with Wags, and I may continue to do this with future characters in the show billions, and for all TV show character reviews for that matter, such as Mike Prince, Chuck Rhodes, and Taylor Mason, in that I think it gives a great character analysis of who they are as a person. Overall, Wags is a really really cool character on the show billions, and he definitely ads a bit of spice to the show in order to keep things interesting. Like what you’re reading and want to read more finance articles? Subscribe to our blog for more details and information, and for daily article updates, and be sure to comment with any thoughts on the post, and we’ll get back to you in a jiffy with a response. Till next time, thanks again for reading.






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