2 05, 2020

Fundamental Analysis Review, How to Review Financial Statements

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My Fundamental Analysis Review, How to Review Financial Statements If the layman would call technical analysis a democrat, then fundamental analysis is absolutely a hard-core republican by nature. Fundamental analysis lacks the creativity and arbitrary element that technical analysis can sometimes have, and prefers to go by the book, in a brass tacks manner, more so than leaving things open to interpretation (I use this analogy in that liberals tend to be lenient on black letter law while republicans are more [...]

19 04, 2020

Apple vs Google Stock, The Analytical Buying Guide

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Apple vs Google Stock, Which Tech Giant Should You Buy? Picking between two of the largest tech stocks in the market is never an easy choice. Today we will be covering Apple vs Google stock, which one you should buy, why you should buy that one, and current statistics on each company. Considering both companies have had record breaking years, up until February, and will likely continue a bull run of sorts when the market stabilizes there are many differences between [...]

17 04, 2020

Are Apple Shares Overvalued? The Truth Behind the Blue-Chip Stock

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Are Apple Shares Overvalued? Is Apple's Stock About to Drop? The short answer is, yes, Apple shares are currently overvalued. Today we will answer for you, are apple shares overvalued? We will be doing the math behind the question, so you don’t have to. Hopefully, this article will give you a little look at why it is overvalued, and how we came to that conclusion. Using P/E Ratio to Determine if Apple Shares are Overvalued Price earnings ratio, aka the P/E [...]