Why I’m Learning to Write Python, A Finance Guru’s Journey Into Computer Science

And so, the word is out, I’m learning to write Python, and the only question I’m really asking myself is why I didn’t hop onto the computer science bandwagon sooner, in this blog post, I’ll walk you through why I’m learning to write Python, and why I think I can leverage this into an absolutely killer resume, and a possible side freelance gig that pays huge dividends! As someone who has been almost solely in the fields of digital marketing and finance over the past five years or so, I have only dabbled with any level of programming in very light stages. For one, I am pretty functional with HTML just due to my wordpress experience (yes I know it’s a Markup language not a programming language…but still) and I have done some SQL with my previous employment at ReachMobi (Left Joins all day, fun times.) Aside from this however, I really have almost no base with regards to programming, and anytime I look at a sheet of code it makes absolutely no sense. Just in 4 hours of training on Python last night though, I can already tell you that your basic, low level programmers are by no means geniuses (like for instance my roommate who has 6 months of experience in software engineering classes in school), and that for some reason programming just makes people LOOK like geniuses because until you understand it, it just looks crazy to the lay person. But enough rambling on, in this blog post, I’ll tell you how and why I am learning Python!

Other programming languages I plan to learn over the next 3 to 5 years include:

Why I'm Learning to Write PythonPython

PHP (I think Python and PHP will be my bread and butter eventually, as I’m mainly using this to better my own possible internet businesses and to potentially be able to communicate better with engineers if I do ever make a half decent internet company in the future.)






C Sharp

And that should be good, I figure if I can get those down really, really well then I should have a decent outside shot of at least being employable as a low level Jr. Dev in the field, and that with my Finance background, especially with my Series 7 license, and if I add more financial licenses to my resume, including certifications like a CFP, that I should have an absolutely killer resume.

What I’ve Learned With Python So Far, And Why I’m Learning to Write Python Again

Okay so last night I fumbled around for about 2 or 3 hours, and then followed up again on what I learned this morning. Basically what I’ve gotten proficient at so far with Python is a pretty basic “print” function, which is really useful when you’re debugging your code, so that you can find and pick out issues easier that might cause the program that you just wrote to be malfunctioning. A common example of this, and something that is the main featured image of this blog post, is in the case of Division by 0. And while I still don’t quite understand why you would need to be dividing anything within your program, I can tell you that this is the basic program that i came up with, courtesy of the free Microsoft Python course:


  1. print(‘adding numbers’)
  2. x = 532 + 12
  3. print(‘dividing numbers’)
  4. y = x/0
  5. print(‘yay I did math’)

If you run this program, you would get a division by zero error, which your print statements, if I’m not mistaken, would help you find and correct so that the program can run, by letting you pick out what line the division by 0 error code is, this becomes useful as we get more complex, and are say writing 500 line programs in Python. If it doesn’t make sense to you…don’t feel bad, it doesn’t quite make sense to me yet either, but will keep you posted as this blog keeps growing and I keep learning!

Final Thoughts on Why I’m Learning to Write Python, Money, Money and Money Again

And so, I’m starting to get a little bit interested in programming, and think that, especially if I do decide to get into my CPA license or accounting at some point, that my heavy finance background (Finance degree, Series 7 license, Series 66 License, sitting for my CAMS license next year and CFA level 1 next year, as well as becoming a notary and getting my Insurance 2-15 license and sitting for my managed futures license as well as taking on a role as a full time associate…..yeah I’m big into finance) would make my resume absolutely DANGEROUS which is what the goal is here, trying to accelerate and snowball my career. At the very least, it’s a more productive use of my time than sitting around doing nothing. Thoughts and opinions on the article…you know the drill, like and subscribe, and thanks again for reading.


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