30 04, 2020

Belief Perseverance, A Dangerous Bias to Be Avoided

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Belief Perseverance, and Why Our Own Biases Hurt our Stock Picking Abilities Believe perseverance is very similar to how it sounds, and it is essentially looking in seeking out things that confirm one’s own beliefs. To give an example of this, let’s say you are a strong, alt left democrat and that you want to google information about a certain specific candidate. Belief perseverance basically says that you are more inclined to not only search for, but also believe, accept and [...]

25 04, 2020

Jordan Peterson Finance, How Jordan Peterson Views Behavioral Finance

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Jordan Peterson Finances and money advice, how Jordan Peterson views finances and money If you Google search “Jordan Peterson finances and money“ you get a myriad of results on YouTube, all of which typically lead to one video, which shows the author, speaker, lecture, PhD and college professor Jordan Peterson talking about money, risk, finances, and of how there’s really no way out of risk, and that not taking a risk is also a risk. This is one of my favorite [...]

23 04, 2020

What is The Best IQ For Investing? Warren Buffett Says About 120

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What is the Best IQ For Investing? And how much does intelligence matter with regards to making money in the stock market?  The following blog post will look in the correlation between IQ and investing, and will explain how intelligence isn’t necessarily that relevant when picking stocks, or deciding who can be a great investor. Warren Buffett said it best, when he said I’ll take a guy with an IQ of 130, hard work ethic, and good knowledge about the stock [...]

21 04, 2020

Dave Ramsey Review, An Old Man’s Wisdom on Wealth Management

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My Dave Ramsey Review, Why Dave Ramsey Says That You Shouldn't Use Credit Cards, and Why I Sometimes Use Them Anyway Dave Ramsey actually has very strong logic when he says the news credit cards, and that there’s been tons and tons of research on the subject actually spend 14% more money when he use a credit card versus if you use cash or debit card. He also goes on to say that if you do use cash in the least [...]