Where is My Stimulus Check? How to Get $1200 From Big Brother

Where is My Stimulus Check? Has been one of the most commonly searched questions on Google, and is coming up so much due to what is currently going on with the COVID-19 situation in the United States. Recently, in early March, the United States passed a stimulus package relief bill, that, along with things like the paycheck protection program, $300 million for the post office, bailout money for large corporations, and a host of other economic distributions of money, gave each American under the $75,000 income mark, $1200, married couples that filed jointly $2400, and those with children $500 a pop, for a maximum possible of $500 per 3 children. This means that someone could’ve theoretically gotten as much as $2900 from the Government during this stimulus package pandemic issue, which is no mean feat at all. Throughout this blog post, I’ll show you exactly where your tax dollars went from this Coronavirus relief bill, and will walk you through where the Government did and did not spend this money. For more information, comment down below or subscribe to our blog for additional details and information.

Other countries that also gave out healthy stimulus checks to their citizens, include the following:


Where is My Stimulus Check?Italy





The United Kingdom

Great Britain




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Where is My Stimulus Check? Where Your Tax Dollars Went, And What To Do If You Still Have Not Received Your Stimulus Money

As I stated in the former, here is the full list of where the $3 Trillion, yes that’s right, $3,000,000,000,000.00, got dumped into the economy, as is below:

-Loans and Guarantees to Businesses – $500 billion

-Small Businesses, $50 billion in Paycheck Protection Program Loans

-Emergency Unemployment Insurance – $260 billion

-Health Care – $150 billion

-Aid to State and Local Governments, $250 billion

-Direct payments to people, $1200 a piece – Total of $250 billion

Tax Breaks – Waves payment penalties for 2 years and postpones business payments of payroll taxes until 2021 or 2022

Homeland Security – $45 billion disaster relief fund

Education – $31 billion

Coronavirus Treatments – $27 billion

Transportation – $25 billion

Veterans – $20 billion

Food and Agriculture – $16 billion

Defense – $15 billion

Post Office – $300,000,000

Social Programs – $20 billion

Overall, not a terrible allocation, as it is still money into the United States economy, however I think we should’ve had more direct payments to the people. I personally really liked getting my $1200 stimulus package, however I can see how giving $7000 to each American family, which is what this bill could’ve done (scratch that, each American individual) while still providing all of the healthcare and defense department increases, would’ve been very valuable.

Why You Still Haven’t Received Your Stimulus Check Yet, and Why You Likely Need to Give Your Bank Account Information to the IRS

If you haven’t received your stimulus check yet, one of the major reasons could be because you did not file your tax return correctly. If you filed online, and TurboTax has your bank account information, than by default the IRS has your bank account information, and as a result, you should’ve gotten a direct deposit. Personally, I filed my tax return on February 4th, and I received my stimulus check by about the week it came out, which was somewhere around March 15th if I am not mistaken. Make sure that if you did not file your tax return yet, that you file as soon as possible to get your stimulus check! Even if you have filed your 2018 tax return, I have heard stories of people who filed 2018, but for 2019 did not input their bank account information because they incurred a tax penalty rather than receiving a tax refund, and still have not received their check, so definitely the sooner you file your 2019 tax return, the absolute better. As an added bonus, you now do not need to file until July 15th 2020, cheers!

Final Thoughts on the United States Stimulus Package and Why I Think This Could’ve Probably Been Done Better

I hope you enjoyed this quick snippet blog post about the first round of stimulus checks in the United States. If you are reading this currently, then you will absolutely be happy to know that there may very well be a second round of $1200 stimulus checks going out to Americans, and that while there is firm angst against this in the Senate, since their is a fairly strong republican majority, however it has passed the house, so I’d say their is maybe a 45% change in total of the bill getting through. At the very least, a modified bill may be sent back to the house, so we could definitely see some type of stimulus checks coming our way. Subscribe to our blog or comment down below for additional details and information.




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