Bill Gates Stocks, Diversifying Like A Pro

Looking at Bill Gates’ portfolio it isn’t difficult to see why he was so successful in his time at Microsoft. It is obvious that his portfolio has changed since he was CEO of the company, however, we can still see incredibly smart investing strategies upon close observation. Bill Gates has a portfolio that any 64-year-old would be proud of. And in this post we will be breaking down Bill Gates stocks and how you can start investing like a billionaire.


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Bill Gates StocksBill Gates Stocks Picks

Bill Gates has holdings in many different large and mega cap companies most of these are companies that have existed for decades and will likely continue to exist for many years to come. Among many of the most popular stocks in Bill Gates’ portfolio are Coca Cola, Walmart, FedEx, UPS, and waste management. These Bill Gates stocks picks show his defensive investment nature, likely due to the fact that he is trying to preserve his wealth in retirement. This is a noble thing to do and the smartest thing that you can do with your money at his age.

Bill Gates Stocks Diversification

Looking at Bill Gates’ holdings you can see that his money is spread out over many industries. This diversification guarantees that even in the event of an economic recession his money will be protected and continue to beat inflation in the long term. His portfolio covers industries like transportation, real estate, retail, restaurants, and insurance. It is clear that Bill Gates knows the most important thing in any portfolio is to diversify the industries that one invests in. It is the safest, most guaranteed way to continuously beat inflation year after year and continue making a profit on your investments.

Defensive Stocks

Another thing you will notice upon inspection of Bill Gates’ portfolio is that he has 8.2% of his Holdings in defensive stocks. Defensive stocks provide consistent dividends and stable earnings no matter what is happening in the stock market, this guarantees that Bill Gates, even in times of market turmoil, or in a bearish market, will continuously get dividends and consistent returns on his money. Guaranteeing no matter what the market is doing, continuing to make money is the most important thing of any successful portfolio.

Growth Stocks

Another thing that you will notice about Bill Gates’ portfolio is that there is a large presence of Growth stocks such as Coca Cola and ARCO, the largest McDonald’s franchisee. These are an important presence in Bill Gates’ holdings which guarantee that even though defensive stocks may preserve his money, his investments will continue to gain traction and create more wealth faster than inflation destroys it as time goes on.



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