The Warrior Archetype, The Toughest Archetype to Develop, And why COVID Is Developing it In Everyone

In psychology, the warrior archetype is often associated with risk taking, persistence, with hard work and with work ethic, and with fighting and battling it out to become a master of your craft, and win in the world. I think that we’ve all been stretching our Warrior archetype more and more these last 9 or so months that 2020 has thrown at us, in that we have all had some extremely stressful moments this year that have needed a serious amount of persistence and mental fortitude in order to get through. In this blog post, I’ll talk about how I am developing my warrior archetype, and how I have had to due to the strain that Coronavirus has put on me so far, as well as will review the other archetypes present in the King, Warrior, Magician and Lover Archetypes, present in the archetypal circle. For more information, be sure to comment down below and subscribe!

The main archetypes are:


The Warrior ArchetypeWarrior



The Archetype of Initiation

General Archetypes of Archetypal Stories

The archetype of the dragon

Archetype of the Hero

And a ton of others, today we will focus on King, Warrior, Magician and Lover archetypes, read below to find out more!

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The Warrior Archetype, How I Rate Myself In This Archetype

If we’re talking on a scale of 100% for each of these, I would give my warrior archetype something like a 75% or 80% overall. This is being somewhat genuine while also being a harsh critic, in that I think overall I follow a very disciplined schedule, and work a very difficult and highly stressful job in banking, however I also can tend to drift a little on weekends, sleeping in, being lazy and watching TV, eating junk food and lounging around etc. although I am noticing that I am getting much better at being productive on the weekends as I get older, get better at it, and make a conscious effort to improve it. For instance, about 1 out of every 2 days on the weekend, I tend to wake up by 9/9:30AM, which is not a 5AM or a 7AM victory of a day like it could be, but it is not a 12PM snooze fest either, especially since I make most of the day about running errands, working on my blog, studying banking compliance laws, and educating myself in finance and accounting. I think the warrior archetype is probably the most powerful archetype there is, aside from the King which is just a blend, and that when you fully develop it, there is nothing that can stop you. The way I could easily bring this up to an 85 or 90th percentile is to completely conquer nofap, and to completely conquer sleeping past my alarm clock and sleeping in on weekends, this would accelerate my productivity significantly.

The Lover Archetype, How I Rate Myself In This Archetype

This is actually probably my worst archetype, although I have gotten much better at this too as I have gotten older. I tend to have a little bit of a hard time scheduling time for fun sometimes, which is something that I am going to make a note of doing better next year. In 2020, I have pretty much been an all out warrior in that everything has been closed, and my fear of getting sick (I’m still working in an office, so this is a nightmare) has driven me away from many social outings, including dating. In a normal environment however, I would give my lover a 60%, in that I am no stranger to the dating scene, having been on 50+ Tinder dates, and I have had love affairs etc. in the past, however I’ve really yet to explore a long term relationship, but have also partied to an excessive level, being in a fraternity for 2+ years at one point. Lover for me is something like a 60% or so, with a LTR bumping this up to more like a 75%.

The Magician Archetype, How I Rate Myself

I would actually say that my magician archetype is probably my best archetype overall, in that I am very brainy, and anything that I set my mind to, that I am interested in, I can really conquer in terms of a test or a large book to study, or a computer problem, etc. Among the fields I have dabbled in over the past 7 years include the following:


Internet Marketing




High Level Finance


This has mostly been Finance, Banking and SEO, with the rest being more like side projects, but the fact that I can really dive into all of these and am very happy in doing so makes me believe that my Magician is probably my best archetype, as I have gotten very good at shutting people out in order to dive into and learn any skill that I desire. 88% for my Magician. Best way I can get this better is to get more consistent with writing blog posts, to learn software engineering and accounting, and to make it to my next promotion level at the office.

The King Archetype, How I Rate Myself

Overall, the King Archetype is something that I think I embody decently well, and I would give myself a 70% on this. The King archetype is when you can combine the warrior, lover and magician at the same time, mastering all of them and bouncing between all of them in order to master all of them in unison. I think that my decently high level warrior and magician archetype, combined with my on park lover, as well as some general Kingly acts that I have done to generally feel like a king (including making money, giving speeches, speaking with clients, getting with hot women, going to parties, going skydiving, and pulling out of some difficult situations in stride) have overall helped me to achieve some decent balance.

Final Thoughts on The Warrior Archetype, And Why It Is The Toughest Archetype to Develop

So on a side note here, I know that this blog post has maybe strayed into the abstract a little bit more than we typically do on this website, but I just want to say that I have enjoyed writing about this a decent amount, and so will probably finish off the “King, Warrior, Magician, Lover” blog post series by making one blog post for the lover, one for the magician, and one for the king archetype, this should be fun, comment down below on what you think of your own warrior archetype, and let us know how you rate yourself on the archetypes scale.







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