Charles Forstman Suits, Why He is the Most Powerful Character on the Show, And is Super Fun to Watch?

To first start off my Charles Forstman Suits review, I want to go into the question of how much money does Charles Forstman have, in that is has been said that he has something like $280,000,000.00 to his name, a figure that no one else in the show even really comes close to, except for Louis Litt, who has something like likely $150,000,000.00 after you factor in compound interest, his amazing financial expertise, and his super high salary as both a name partner and a managing partner at Pearson Specter Litt. In any case, in this blog post, we’ll look at who Charles Forstman is as a character, I will give you my overall general Charles Forstman review, and will walk through why I think it would be really cool to grow up to have the net worth of this character in real life! For more information, be sure to comment down below or to subscribe to our blog for additional details and information.

Other popular characters on the show Suits include:

Mike Ross

Charles Forstman SuitsCharles Forstman

Sean Cahill

Harvey Specter

Jessica Pearson

Rachel Zane

Donna Paulsen

Steven Huntley

Jeff Malone

Logan Sanders

Katrina Bennett

Robert Zane

And a host of other super popular characters on the show Suits, read on or subscribe to our blog for additional details and information.

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Charles Forstman Suits, One of the Only Characters That Can Go Up Against Harvey Specter in Skill or Ability

In nearly every single scene that Charles Forstman goes up against Harvey Specter in, Charles Forstman seems to get the upper hand, at least in the early episodes of the show before Harvey Specter and Sean Cahill end up taking him down for good, even going as far as putting him in a completely immobilized state for more than 7 years. Even so, Charles Forstman at one point gets total control of Mike Ross, leaving him desperate, unemployed, and with the only job option with Charles Forstman, he makes Harvey Specter essentially drop to his knees even when he is no longer in the civilian world, and he completely checkmates Louis Litt before they are all able to hit back on him as a group. Any time anyone takes this guy down, it takes Harvey, Louis and Mike together, or it takes Jessica and Harvey together, and finally to put him away for good, it takes Harvey Specter, Sean Cahill and Mike Ross all together, with an assist from Louis Litt in order to finally bury the hatchet with this guy. In the show, I believe he is a billionaire, and that he earned his fortune in banking.

My Favorite Scenes Featuring Charles Forstman From Suits, And Why His Character is Very Intriguing

My favorite scene between Harvey Specter and Charles Forstman is where Louis goes to speak to Forstman in order to try and get him to let him out of the deal. Instead of undoing the deal, which he has full power and control over, he tells Louis that he can frame Harvey for the deal instead, putting him and his entire firm in jeopardy for doing so, but having the SEC still on his back at the same time. Louis declines, which eventually causes the three of them to work with Sean Cahill to take Forstman down once and for all, and results in a barrage of continued scenes that are really cool!

Final Thoughts on My Charles Forstman Suits Review, Why Being The Bad Guy Must Be So Fun

What do you think of my above Charles Forstman Suits review? I personally really love the scenes with this guy, as he is a very powerful billionaire banker and is well known on Wall Street, plus he makes a really cool spin for the show with regards to how powerful of an enemy he is for those involved with him or near him. What is your favorite episode of Suits? Leave a comment down below and let us know, and be sure to subscribe to our blog for regular blog post updates.







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