Daniel Hardman Suits, My Opinion On the Character

My Daniel Hardman Suits review is going to give something of a multi factor analysis on this character, namely his pros and cons, what types of faults he has, some of his best and smartest moments within the show, and of what type of personality he has using the Big 5 Personality Model to examine what his personality is like as a person. I will be doing something along the lines of this with every single character I write about in reviewing these TV shows, looking at their psychological makeup, as well as the experiences that they have had within the show. And so, without further ado, here is my take on Daniel Hardman as a character, read on or subscribe to our blog for access to our premium content!

My Favorite Daniel Hardman Suits Scenes, The Good and The Bad

Some of my favorite scenes from the Daniel Hardman character include when Mike Ross comes in and completely stops him from his takeover in the board meeting with the fake Lawrence Kemp affidavit, exposing him for the lies he was doing and putting Jessica back in power, as well as the argument between Daniel and Robert Zane towards the end of Suits season 9 where Robert gets him a senior partnership, helping him to get back on his feet, stop his conniving ways, and get back to business.

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My Daniel Hardman Personality Profile, The Big 5 of Daniel Hardman

As far as a personality profile, Hardman has an interesting one indeed, with his neuroticism being probably moderate, with most lawyers being lower, and with his intelligence and conscientiousness being extremely high, and disagreeableness even higher, here’s my Big 5 Makeup for Daniel Hardman.

  1. Conscientiousness – His conscientiousness is probably somewhere in the 90th percentile, and while its not as good as say Louis’s or even Harvey’s, I would say that as a high level attorney it is in this range.
  2. Openness and IQ – He seems high in both of these, openness is sometimes what lets you turn into something of a dirty trickster like Daniel Hardman is, and as a Harvard Graduate his IQ is definitely very high, I would give him a 135 IQ.Daniel Hardman Suits
  3. Agreeableness – While he has shown a soft side towards certain women in his life, and he is obviously very competitive which is basically just agreeableness, I would put him as more on the disagreeable side still. Give him 37% for agreeableness.
  4. Extraversion – You see him being somewhat outgoing although also introverted in certain instances, 58th percentile for extroversion.
  5. Neuroticism – He is a little higher in neuroticism than a lot of other lawyers on the show, always scheming to try and take down Jessica and win his law firm back instead of moving on with his life and trying to do something else. 50th percentile for neuroticism.

Final Thoughts on The Daniel Hardman Suits Character, My Final Verdict on the Character

And so that’s my analysis of Daniel Hardman as a Suits character. I’ll be honest there is actually not that much character development with him as a character and so it was a little bit difficult to write about his personality, although I think I got pretty close to hitting the nail on the head with this one. I’ll be tackling loads more TV show character reviews in the future, including the Walking Dead characters (I am absolutely hooked on the show thanks to a friend of mine who got me into it if you haven’t noticed by my blog trends here, I have definitely wasted at least 50 hours of my life on this and am totally fine with it) Dexter, House of Cards, Suits, and a host of other shows. Subscribe to our blog for more details and information and to see our premium content.




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