Jordan Peterson How to Write An Essay – My Review on the Subject

In today’s blog post, I am going to sort of deconstruct the writing style of Jordan B. Peterson, and will run through my Jordan Peterson how to write an essay analysis guide. Jordan Peterson is an avid writer, and has taught me a great deal about the importance and the benefits of writing something at least every single day. An avid writer myself, I have been writing every single day, somewhere in the range of 1,000 to 2,000 words ever since I watched some of these podcasts, and it has definitely given me the motivation to continue adding content to my blog, especially since I now know the power of writing. Jordan Peterson reminded me that with writing, you can write books, and you can get good at writing books, something that very few people will ever do in their life. You can get good at SEO, at blogging, you can have a multitude of careers, you can do better in school, writing can help your thinking and your planning podcast, and it can help with psychological stressors, and much much more. In this blog post, I will run through the Jordan Peterson writing style and of how he writes and edits his books, and will walk through everything in detail. 

Jordan Peterson How to Write An Essay – And Why He’s Correct About What He Says on the Subject


The most interesting video that I’ve ever seen from Jordan Peterson on writing, and there are plenty of them out there, is a toss up between his Jordan Peterson How to Write an Essayinterview with Patrick Bet David, and his lecture in class where he tells his students that they need to learn to write so that they can learn to think, because then they become dangerous. He basically says that there is no difference between writing and thinking, and that writing is your voice that you put on in the world. I can tell you for a fact that my writing skills help my speaking out quite a bit, and that they have helped me in a multitude of ways in my career, namely by writing resumes and cover letters, writing papers so that I could ace school, and with getting me into internet marketing.  Stay tuned for more information on my Jordan Peterson how to write an essay guide!

What Jordan Peterson Says About Writing


Jordan Peterson is right that writing is powerful, although I don’t think he’s necessarily correct when he says that writing is the most powerful skill out there, I’d pin that up to a tie game between either finance, or computer science. At the highest level in both of those fields, there are potentially billions on the line, and you rarely see a good finance guy or a good computer programmer go hungry. Writing however, is a good way to accelerate any career field, alongside learning speaking and negotiating, these 3 things are some really good archimedes levers for improving your career in any capacity. And so, with my eye back on the ball with writing and with me in full focus for this (I tried programming but it honestly was so boring that I wanted to just rip my teeth out.) I am noticing however that I have a talent for writing and SEO just about as much as I have a talent for finance (more depending on what type of day I’m having), and so maybe it’s worth it to go all in on these as a secondary field. And so, enough about me, let’s look at the Jordan Peterson style of writing. 


How Jordan Peterson Writes – And Why Writing Is Really Just Editing


Watching Jordan Peterson reminded me that writing is mainly about editing. Your first draft is pretty much meant to be crap, or at least worse than it’s supposed to be. That’s because, and it looks like this is the case for every single writer out there, you need to write your first draft so that you can get all your crazy thoughts and ideas on paper. It isn’t until you have a block of clay to mold by way of you freezing your thoughts on a page that you can actually start editing and molding it into something that sounds good. My process for blog posts is far different than for blog writing, I basically just write about a topic as fast as I possibly can so that I can get the blog post up and start getting traffic on it – but Jordan Peterson has inspired me by his video to start adding some quality to this. For writing a book, I’ll crank out a first draft in say 2-3 months, and from here I’ll rewrite the entire thing from start to finish, going through every single sentence and basically turning crap into slightly less bad writing. From here, it’s time for the Jordan Peterson method, start analyzing every single paragraph and sentence and word on every single page, and see if you can say and word something better. Throw out chapters, sentences or paragraphs that don’t make any sense (or kill your darlings, in the words of Hemmingway) and condense it. From here, condense the whole book into ten sentences and view your novel as a hole by way of the summary. Read your book and re-read it, read it and edit it so many times that you quite literally have the entire thing almost memorized bit by bit. Then, when you think it’s ready to go, do it again. 

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Jordan Peterson did this for one book over a span of 15 years, he said he wrote for 3 hours a day for 15 years straight…..this is a little obsessive if you asked me….but evidently it worked for him. Personally I probably would’ve gone the L’Ron Hubbard route with that much writing time and would’ve written like 1000 books and sold them as quickly as possible on Amazon and Ebay, but hey…old JP might have a point here. 


And so, Jordan Peterson has reminded me of the power of writing, and of why writing, or at least quality writing, is mainly just editing. I am also taking a piece out of the Tim Ferriss writing equation, which is the 2 crappy pages each day, which is the quota that I’m giving myself every single day, or in my own words, one crappy blog post published each day as a minimum, so far so good. What do you think of my analysis of the Jordan Peterson writing style? Let me know what you think and be sure to subscribe to our blog for additional details and information. 







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