How Working at a Coffee Shop Can Make you more Productive, My Awesome Experience

Yes, I decided to write a blog post about writing at a coffee shop, as that is what I am doing at this very moment and I am somewhat shocked at what this new environment has done for my productivity. Like seriously I am absolutely shocked, I have written one blog post that is like 1500 words inside of about a half an hour, and normally would take a break after that, but now I am plowing ahead and am diving right back into this one. And while I ended up showing up at the coffee shop at 2 o’clock PM vs 5 in the morning like I had planned (dam proclivity to be lazy and sleep in on the weekends) I am still churning out some productivity at a faster rate than I even thought I would. I have got to say that I am pretty sure I found the cure for writers block here, and I am going to make it a habit to every Saturday and Sunday morning, have blog topics ready to go and make an effort to write for 3 hours each morning. At worst, I spent $20 a month on Cappuccinos and crank out like 80 blog posts a month, which is well worth it. At best, maybe I’ll meet my future wife also writing a blog post at 6am on a Sunday, I’ll let you know what happens (now if I could just get the darn Wi-Fi to work in here.) For now, lets take a look at the question of how working at a Coffee shop can make you more productive, and my experience with this thus far.

Why Working at a Coffee Shop Helps Writers Block – The Science of It

So I am still living with roommates currently (there I said it. Yes your Wealth Management specialist blogger is still living with roommates, everything
I have said is still true, I am just SUPER cheap and want to throw my extra cash into business interests like my websites, my CFP, CHFC, CLU and maybe
going for the CPA license at some point in the future.

Don’t worry, in 9 months or so I will be living solo if all bodes well) which means the place is a mess, which makes it incredibly hard to focus. Seriously compared to doing my writing in my bedroom the productivity increase that I am having right now is absolutely ridiculous, maybe its the new environment and maybe its the coffee, maybe its the clean and social atmosphere, or maybe its the Starbucks ambiance music playing, but I am freaking shocked at how productive my writing is right now, its like the words are flowing out of me at an extremely fast pace faster than my hands can type the words, and it’s like I have a freaking craving to write blog posts again, I tell you if I could get my internet working I would have like ten blog posts published today!

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Here’s a few reasons why I think working at a coffee shop is so good for productivity and why it is working like a charm at this current moment:

1. New Environment – There have been studies done in psychology that being in a new atmosphere can increase your productivity. Now that I am sitting here writing I can definitely attest to this fact. I have written more in the last 2 hours at this coffee shop than I have in the last 2 weeks, and I am simply amazed at this. Compared to my messy bedroom with the roommates, where its like all these errands and things I have to clean up keep screaming at me, I am able to solely focus on my writing and tune out all the other distractions.

2. Gets you out of the House – Having been remote for the majority of the last 6 months I can firmly say that isolation fosters depression and compounds to more isolation in a pretty major way, and it is pretty darn terrifying, just the fact that I am getting out there a little bit more on weekends seems to be doing wonders for my mood and my productivity so far.

3. Less Distractions – Like I said, no little voice in the back of my head saying that I need to do the dishes, no cell phone distractions, no TV, no YouTube, if I wanted to do those things I wouldn’t have driven out to a coffee shop and spent $5 on a cappuccino. This is one of the main reasons I feel for how working at a coffee shop can make you more productive.

4. Social Environment so you Need Socially Acceptable Behavior – There was a great writer whose name slips my mind at the current moment who said something the lines of “why do I do my best writing in coffee shops? Simple, its hard to get bored and start beating it in public at a coffee shop.” He’s dam correct there, because writing in the house basically fosters that shit to a ridiculous degree.

How Working at a Coffee Shop Can Make You More Productive5. Caffeine – All of the above, the new environment, the social atmosphere etc. is all amplified by the CAFFEINE! Coffee and writing go together like frosting and cake, just about every single writer has used caffeine to stimulate some productivity and reduce writers block, and I have got to say that I have writers freight train right now instead of writers block!

6. Ambiance Music – The background music that just plays in the background also saves me more time. Whereas at home I would be using headphones and spending 20 minutes here and there searching for the best song to listen to on Spotify and Youtube, there is none of this, just straight writing happening here today!

7. People Around – Being in a social atmosphere, even if you aren’t really talking to anyone, gets the dopamine up and makes you feel good. It is like
being in a business-office to some degree, as some of the same social standards apply, and once again, it helps to keep you on task (its feels good to
make people around you think that you are being super productive…at least for me. Hey whatever gets the words to appear on paper.)

8. It’s clean – Once again, aside from this clearing your mind and eliminating distractions, working in a clean environment is always preferable and
much more productive vs working in a mess with a ton of distractions. Now that I am here and doing this for the first time, I can’t believe I was ever
getting any work done at home. If I can get the Wi-Fi working in my local Starbucks (as someone who used to work in tech I am a little embarrassed that I can’t figure this out) I will be here every single Saturday and Sunday morning for the rest of my life. The massive amount of productivity that this will have for my website could quite possibly launch me to a way more successful website.

To digress a bit here, here’s what I think my coffee shop productivity, if I come here from say 7am to 10am every Saturday and Sunday would be is below:

I can write about 9 blog posts in this amount of time, and I will even make this my word count quota. This is 18 blog posts each weekend, or about 72 blog posts per month just on weekends. Add in one post every other day during the week, and I have something like 80 blog posts a month. By the end of next year this should have me at 2,000 blog posts on this website…..or at about 10x the amount of traffic that I currently have. This could easily be a $500 to $1,000 per month blog from here, worth about $30,000 ready to sell at any given time….you can bet your ass that I will be back in this coffee shop trying to hit this quota, will report back on what happens.

Final Thoughts on How Working at a Coffee Shop Can Make You More Productive

So yeah, I was more productive. I cranked out two really good, quality blog posts (or at least more quality than usual) in about 45 minutes, all for 5 bucks. If it wasn’t raining and I had Wi-Fi access, I would stay here for 3 more hours…but alas, the CFP is calling my name, and so I’ll need to get to some working Wi-Fi to get caught up on that. So that’s the gist of how working at a coffee shop can make you more productive. Talk to you guys next time I’m in this coffee shop, and I hope you enjoyed the blog post. And as always, read on or subscribe to our blog for additional details and information.





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