Why Writing Can Offer Therapeutic Value, And Why I Truly Love to Write

I am going to keep this blog post as something of my stream of consciousness writing, with regards to why writing can offer therapeutic value, for a handful of reasons. First off, I am testing out an SEO theory on my blog, as well as a motivation theory on my own writing style, where I write a burst of short blog posts and see if my blog traffic increases. Secondly, I am using this to sort of get my thoughts on paper from the day, and to tell you, my loyal readers, of why I have been journaling pretty consistently over the past week or so, and how it is already helping me in a truly profound way. And so, in this blog post, here are some of the therapeutic benefits of writing. Read on or subscribe to our blog for additional details and information.

Writing as a Kind of Therapy?

Why Writing Can Offer Therapeutic ValueSo, here’s why writing can offer a kind of therapeutic benefit that you yourself just cannot get anywhere else. First off, it enables you to freeze your thoughts down on paper, and is incredibly useful in those situations where it is doing something like freezing anxiety provoking thoughts down on a page, so that you can get through tough times in life, letting go of your thoughts, freezing them on a page, and viewing them objectively, versus letting them rule you. Aside from this, I am finding that it is very good for goal setting, and that writing down your goals in a variety of circumstances sort of forces you to hold yourself accountable and to not cheat, don’t write down your failures, and you risk just blowing by them and not analyzing them correctly.

Why Writing Can Offer Therapeutic Value Even if You Don’t Like to Write, Wright is Thinking!

So, the writing that I’m talking about in terms of therapy for the brain right now, is freehand journaling. This past week (7 days in to be exact,) I actually went over to Target and purchased myself a very small notebook. I am personally working on getting rid of a bad habit of mine that I won’t go into too much detail on, but that this journal has already helped me with in a way that is pretty miraculous. It forces me to write it down (which feels not so good) when I lapse back into this bad habit, and makes me feel all of that pain again. Personally I had a bit of a lapse into this habit today, I then wrote it down and am not fired up to get back onto my streak. Journaling as a way of thinking and holding yourself accountable, is I think, extremely powerful.

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Final Thoughts on Why Writing Can Offer Therapeutic Value, Short, Sweet and to the Point

So, even if you don’t have hypergraphia like I do (I don’t have a documented condition or anything but man do I write like a maniac some days), you can still gain a useful advantage from writing and from journaling in your day to day life. Take a look at the Jordan Peterson future authoring program, or the Tim Ferriss morning pages method as a way of getting started, and be sure to leave a comment down below and subscribe if you found this post useful.




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