How to Become a Dot Com Millionaire, My Take on Pulling This Off

In this blog post, my take on how to become a dot com Millionaire. Yes believe it or not this is actually completely possible, though it is extremely difficult and requires a ridiculous amount of sacrifice, as well as technical internet knowledge, and an obsession for your website. In this blog post, I’m not going to tell you my story about becoming a dot com millionaire, because I am far from it, I’m not going to give you a sales gimmick about how Amazon drop shipping will make you rich, and I’m not even going to try to sell you anything (I’ll wait till you subscribe to our email list or click on our sidebar for that one.)

No instead, I am going to show you the blogs of some fascinating people that I have met before and of how they have pulled off generating something like a $1,000,000.00 per year income, or who have sold their website for $350,000.00 or $1,000,000.00, and have propelled themselves to the status of a dot com millionaire. I’ll also give you a little bit of my background in the dot com world, and will give you my current strategy for pulling this off. Be sure to subscribe to our blog for additional details and information.

How to Become a Dot Com Millionaire, My Experiences With This

So first off, I’ll kill your motivation for this right away by saying that if you want to pull this off, that it is going to be very difficult, that you’re going to need to stay the course for quite a long time, and that you are probably going to have to work a regular job for quite awhile, maybe as much as 5-10 years depending on how fast you are (and how lucky you get with the niche market) in order to pay your expenses, while building this up in your down time, in order to manage your finances properly.

Do not fall into the trap of thinking that you can go all in on a website company and make a million dollars, you do this only after you have consistent cash flow and savings ($100,000 liquid savings and $5,000 per month coming in consistently, for a year, with a proven strategy would be the absolute minimum before I would say you can give up working, and personally, I wouldn’t stop working until I had 5-10 times that much money.)

So you’re going to be working and on your nights, here are the steps you can take to scale an online business. Now why should you listen to me, well I have generated hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales online over the last 8 years, I have built up and sold about 10 affiliate websites, and have done it all with very little starting capital. The sad thing is I am still nowhere close to being an online millionaire, and have accepted that I will probably going to be working a 9 to 5 until I can collect social security….but I digress. If you are going to give this a shot, and you have a burning passion for doing so, here’s the steps:

  • Create a dot com domain, I recommend Hostinger or Bluehost
  • Setup an SSL certificate, and a basic web design template somewhat like mine, have categories with numbers on them, it makes it easier to build a solid internal linking structure, which is critical for SEO.
  • You will be writing content that is of high quality, in the nature of 1,000 to 5,000 blog posts over the next 5 years, like I said this is going to be a challenge.
  • The only backlinks being built will be internal links, I have found that link building, sans a few strategies that are very costly or luck dependent, is a very risky strategy, and that with the new 2021 Google SEO algorithm, we are in the world of Pandas, Penguins and Kangaroos, and it is becoming a very efficient algorithm. With that said, I am well on my way to getting this blog to 1,000 unique visitors per day with nothing but good content, SEO Yoast, a website silo architecture, and some Finance blog posts.How to Become a Dot Com Millionaire
  • From here, start writing. Pick your niche, and push towards writing articles and building Silos. Download the SEO Yoast keyword tool, and get all those lights green before you publish a post. Strive to write blog posts on keywords with low competition and high traffic, and target long tail keywords for easy rankings that function as low hanging fruit.
  • From here, keep pushing until the site is say 5 years old and you have 5,000 blog posts. Look up how to build a Silo Architecture (link above), and weave your content together in that type of strategy, you can take a look at some of my categories with stars on them for what this looks like.
  • At this point, even if you are not an internet millionaire, you’ll be pointed in the right direction. At 5,000 blog posts, you are looking at something like 2,000 to 5,000 unique visitors per day, that has got to be at least $3,000 to $5,000 per month in revenue just from affiliate links. Throw email subscribers, e-commerce or push notifications into this, and use all of your new website revenue to invest in index funds and into your website, and you will have a small fortune build in no time.
  • At this point keep scaling, you will likely need something like 10,000 to 30,000 blog posts (which sounds impossible, but is doable in 6-7 years if you start investing cash into hiring freelance writers to streamline the work load.) This should get you pretty close to the $30,000 per month mark, considering a conservative and low CTR, which is the magic number you need to sell for $1,000,000.00. The metric for selling a website, or any business for that matter, is about 3 years revenue, plus or minus a little bit. So pre-tax, to sell a website for a million dollars, you’ll need something like $30,000 per month in gross sales, luckily the margins are pretty fat in internet. From here, you are a millionaire!

Why You Won’t Make a Million Dollars Online

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So, that’s what to do, here’s some of the hurdles that you will have to dodge in your path towards becoming an online millionaire, and why you most likely will not become one:

  • Taking shortcuts, buying bs online courses and trying to build links in a shady way, these are short term strategies that lead to failure. My thoughts on becoming a dot com millionaire, always play the long game. Even writing one blog post a day, or a week on a website, over a 7 to 10 year period will give you a pretty sizeable income given enough time, should you play the long game and focus on long term content quality over short term gains.
  • Aside from the technical level of why you won’t make a million dollars online, let me talk about the personal sacrifice that it is going to take in order to pull this off. Since you’ll be working a 9 to 5 while building this up, you are probably going to have something like another 30-40 hours of free time per week to work on your website after work, so you’re going to be working like 60 to 70 hours per week in total on this. The time after work, your weekends, any time you wake up early in the morning and want to go to the gym, or walk your dog, or hang out with your significant other, all of this extra time, or at least a sizeable majority of it needs to be put into the website, into working, into testing, into writing, into getting extra licenses so you can improve your 9 to 5 salary so you can have more cash flow to put into your website, etc. etc. It is a huge sacrifice if you want to have any sort of reasonable chance of pulling this off, and I’ve been having the thought over the past month or so, since I’ve been trying this out for awhile, that it is not worth it. Dating, having a dog, hanging out with friends, spending money on going out, taking vacations, etc. A lot of this is going to be put to the side for awhile if you want to pull this off. With this being said, I have like an obsessive drive pulling me towards this, and couldn’t stop if I wanted to, and I absolutely love it (most days.)

Why You Will Make a Million Dollars Online, How to Do So With SEO

So, if you are going to make a million dollars online, the way you are going to do it is by being completely obsessed. You are going to bust through that 5,000 blog posts number, making each of them about 2,000 words, you are going to silo it all together, are going to do it on a profitable niche with primarily long tail keywords, and then you are going to spend months and months doing nothing but split testing affiliate link and ad revenue setups to see what makes you the most money on your website. You are going to get the posts up with either immense sacrifice and work ethic, or a ton of financial risk, and are going to grind through it. This is why finding a dot com millionaire is so rare, I’ve only met one in person, and he did it with the backing of a company’s salary behind it, but still had it pretty impressive. Best of luck my friends should you decide to go down this path, it is a difficult one indeed, and is only really rewarding if you win the game, best wishes.

Final Thoughts on How to Become a Dot Com Millionaire, The Do’s and the Donts

So, that’s the dirty little secret of how to become a dot com millionaire, at least as the only way I know how to do it. If you are going to pull this off, it is probably going to be with an immense amount of work ethic, discipline, and good old persistence. I wish you the best of luck in my endeavors, and will keep you posted on how close we get to this on As of late, we are getting about 200 unique visitors per day, and I expect that to be closer to like 400 per day by the end of the year, but have made $0.00 in revenue on this website so far, so will keep you posted on the journey. Subscribe for more details and information on all things business and finance, and comment if any of you are on track to become dot com millionaires, I would love to hear everyone’s story!







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