Why I’m Considering Learning Journalism, My Take

Not going to lie, at this point in the blog we are definitely starting to ramp up the variety of business and career related topics that we are covering, and I have to say I am absolutely loving that variety! I am super career focused in my life and it is pretty much all I’ve been focusing on, so I think this blog suits me in that regard! In today’s post, we’ll talk about why I’m thinking about learning the journalism style of writing, and of why I will have more fun with this than learning programming. For some reason, I’m finding that over the past few days especially, that writing is really having me in its grip. It’s like I’m starting to fall in love with writing again, as I can see the benefits that writing can offer in your career, and on your brain. I have been writing as many as 2000 words every single day for the past 4 days or so, and it feels really good to quite frankly have the writing bug back.

Writing this blog day in and day out was starting to take on a mind of its own, was quite honestly starting to feel a lot like a chore, and was getting very very dull. I feel rejuvenated to write again, not because of me hitting my blog post quota, but because of me being able to put my thoughts on paper again, to just crank out some words and just have some fun with it for the first time in awhile. I am brought back to remembering the fact that the greatest I have ever felt in terms of a flow state of mind is when I was deep into writing, when I was one hour or more into writing a book, or a paper or a blog post. If I could just keep this feeling going, man this blog is going to have a ton of great content to it!

And so, here’s Why I’m Considering Learning Journalism:Why I'm Considering Learning Journalism

  1. I think it would further hone my writing skills
  2. It is another tool in my toolbelt
  3. I want to practice the upside down pyramid style of writing for my own blog
  4. I want to see if maybe I can get good enough to interview for a newspaper if I ever needed to.

Some of these are lofty goals, and I really don’t think I’ll hit any of them except for one and two, but I will report more as I know more about this and about my own skill level.

So Here’s Why I’m Considering Learning Journalism

If writing is fundamentally thinking, in the words of Jordan B. Peterson, and I have to say that it definitely is at its most basic level, then journalism is basically taking your thoughts about what is typically a current event, writing them in a way that will grab the readers attention, and freezing your thoughts on the subject on paper in a way that captures the reader with the important stuff at the top. I am reminded, as I am writing this, about another reason why I want to learn the journalism style of writing, and its that when I read something like Time, CNN or even CNBC, the blog posts tend to read way differently than whatever I write about on this blog, which basically amounts to crap by comparison (and I’ve got to say that compared to the average joe, especially for the field of finance, that I am a pretty darn good writer, both in terms of quality and length.) I want to learn what I am doing wrong in this regard, and on top of this, writing has captured my interest and really has me in its grip these last few days. I can thank some Jordan Peterson and Tim Ferris podcasts a lot for that, but still, something worth exploring.

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Final Thoughts on Why I’m Learning Journalism, This Bloggers Humble Opinion

And so, that’s the gist of why I’m learning Journalism. And now it’s midnight, I have to be sitting at the office at 7AM tomorrow, and I’ve written something in excess of 3000 words today, so I am going to bed. I hope you’ve all been getting some useful knowledge and information from these blog posts as of late, and if you have please be sure to subscribe, or leave a comment down below with your thoughts and opinions on the article, and we’ll get back to you within one business day with a response.




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