10 01, 2021

Will the DOW Crash in 2021?

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Will the DOW Crash in 2021? And Why Am I Saying I Think We Are Due for a Heavy Stock Market Correction in the New Year? Will the DOW crash in 2021? That is the topic that we are exploring in today's new blog post, which talks about the finances and the realities of why we are likely due for a correction of the DOW jones industrial average in 2021. I don't think that we are going to have a near [...]

3 01, 2021

Nikkei 225 Index Funds, Should I Buy The Nikkei 225

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Nikkei 225 index Funds, Should I buy the Nikkei and Why I Only Recommend Putting a Small Portion of Your Portfolio Into This Popular Japanese Index In this blog post, yes you just read that correctly, I am going to talk about Nikkei 225 index funds, and am going to go through why exactly I think this is a great index to add some foreign exposure to an otherwise country-specific and home country biased portfolio, but why global index funds are [...]

10 10, 2020

The Perfect Portfolio, How I Would Allocate $20,000,000.00

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The Perfect Portfolio, How I Would Allocate $20,000,000.00 to Realistically Maximize Gains Over The Long Term No matter what age you are, I think that I have found the perfect portfolio with regards to portfolio Beta, Standard Deviation, Variance, Volatility, and the like. I call it the perfect portfolio because it combines a mix of global index funds, United States Index funds, Small Cap and Large Cap stocks, Value and growth stocks, Treasury Bonds and Cash, and even Dividend and no [...]

10 10, 2020

Should I Diversify Globally? Benefits of Holding Global Stocks

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Should I Diversify Globally, The Benefits of Holding Global Stocks in a Portfolio In this blog post, we'll seek to answer the question of "should I diversify globally?" and will look into what this would do for the overall correlation of a portfolio, how this would affect Beta and your overall diversification, and a host of other factors. Personally, I think that holding a global index fund is even better than buying the S and P 500, and I think that [...]