Tim Ferris, How to Be a Specialized Generalist, My Thoughts and Opinions on His Video

My Tim Ferris How to Be a Specialized Generalist review video talks about whether you should specialize or be a generalist, and of why Tim Ferris says that you should be a specialized generalist. This is something that I very strongly believe in, and that I feel I am starting to get good at doing in my on career. In this post, I’ll tell you what Tim Ferris means by being a specialized generalist, some examples of how you can use this to bolster your own career and why it works, and why I think it is a ton of fun and really makes you into a unique individual and a stellar candidate in whatever fields you decide to mix. For more information, read on or subscribe to our blog for daily blog post updates.

So, what do I mean by being a specialized generalist? I mean combining two or more rarely combined skills, like high level Finance and Public Speaking Skills, or blending Finance and SEO (which is basically what I’m doing) or blending computer science and law (makes you look super good to computer science recruiters and makes you dangerous in the field of law in that you can work for agencies or in Intellectual Property law). For me personally, I am primarily in the field of wealth management, however I am attempting to add in two highly sought after skills in completely different job markets in order to try and boost my resume and human capital even more. First off, I am pretty darn efficient at SEO, having built this blog to 10,000 visitors per month inside of about a 12 month period. I also have decently good writing skills, and have some pretty high level finance skills. Combining all of these skills, and also adding in me going for my CPA license and becoming a Certified Public Accountant someday, is something of a dream of mine, in that I think the income sources would start to spiral upward, and I would be able to really turn it into building my own business, something that I’ve wanted to do practically my entire life. Some of the income sources that I think I could generate from this combination include the following:

  1. Series 7/66/SIE Tutoring – I think that, were I to pivot to being a CPA, I’d be able to use my prior wealth management background to tutor for these exams on my own schedule at an hourly rate. I could do the same for the CPA exam.
  2. Adjunct professor WorkTim Ferris how to become a specialized generalist
  3. Building a Large E-Commerce Store via selling my own Novel on This Website
  4. Doing Tax Consulting work/tax resolution and filing tax returns for people as a CPA
  5. Blending all of this with a $75,000 per year job as a CPA.


If my math is right on what the combination of all of the above could possibly lead to in like 10 years, I think Series 7 tutoring is $10,000 per year,  CPA job is $75,000 per year, Tax Return business is maybe $35,000 per year, E-Commerce website is $50,000 per year in after tax profit, Adjunct professor is another $10,000 per year, with dividends on my stock account bringing in say $10,000 per year. This would add up to just shy of a $200,000 per year annual income, and I gotta say it would really be a ton of fun to be doing all this day to day, it would be the real world equivalent of being the entrepreneur I always wanted to be.

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So, blending different skillets, such as those described in the above manner and really propel your career, and in the words of Jordan Peterson “make you absolutely deadly.” This is because if you are say in wealth management, but you are also a CPA, and also run 3 different businesses on the side, first of all your diversified and you’re learning tons of new things that can overlap into one another that makes you learning at a faster pace than others, but you also make a ton more money. And for me personally, I think it would be really cool to be involved in all of these fields at a really highly technical level, and is something I am going to strive to hit in my own life, fingers crossed I can pull it off.

Final Thoughts on Tim Ferris’s How to Be a Specialized Generalist, And My Thoughts And Opinions on This Video

What are some skills that you would like to blend together into your career practice in order to accelerate your job? Leave a comment down below and let us know, and be sure to subscribe to our blog for additional details and information.




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