What Are the Best Niche Markets for Affiliate Marketing? The Top 10 Obscure Online Blogs That I’d Like to Explore in My Portfolio

What are the best niche markets for Affiliate Marketing? I am writing this article mainly as a memento to myself so that I remember what blog types I would like to explore once I decide to really dive back in to the world of Affiliate Marketing. I found myself grocery shopping today and literally could not stop thinking of really cool, yet obscure niche ideas that I’d like to explore. We currently have blogs in Finance, Entertainment, Weather, and Comic Books, a good start, but would love to branch out more to this. And so without further ado, here’s my list of the top 10+ Affiliate Niche Markets that I’d like to explore in the next 12 months. Be sure to read on or subscribe to our blog for additional details and information.

Some really cool affiliate niche markets I’d like to explore include the following:

A Correctional Facility blog

Zoo blog

Yu-Gi-Oh Blog

What Are the Best Niche Markets for Affiliate Marketing?Dinosaur Blog

Celebrity Media Blog

Political Blog

Conspiracy Blog

History Blog

Fitness Blog/Supplement/Health Blog

Psychology Blog/ADHD/Depression Blog

Legal Blog

Accounting Blog

A Tech Blog/Silicon Valley/News on the Tech World Blog Much Like Tech Crunch

A random blog with all things everything

A blog on Fraternities/Blog about College Stuff

Crypto Currency Blog

SEO/Affiliate Marketing Blog

Construction/Tradesman Blog

Food Services Blog

Local SEO Blog

SEO Agency Blog

Jewelry Blog

Aviation Blog

Appliances Blog

Lawn Care Blog

Pregnancy Blog

Web Hosting Blog Company

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And much more, I’ll continue to update this blog post with new affiliate ideas as I have them in the future! This is going to be my own personal Journal of Ideas here as well as an article!

Why I Really Want to Try Out a Few of These

Specifically, the Zoo blog and the Correctional Facilities blog appear to be one’s without too much competition, that I think I would find somewhat easy to write about. They could also just completely cap off and be duds, but the correctional facilities one especially has most of its keywords already on Quora and Reddit, so I don’t think the competition is much more fierce for this one than it was before. I also think I could publish some good content on it just by watching a few documentaries.

Final Thoughts on The Best Niche Markets for Affiliate Marketing, How Can You Begin?

What do you think about this? Any niche markets on your mind that you’ve been wanting to explore? Read on or subscribe to our blog for additional details and information.




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