How to Win at Your Job, Thoughts on My Current Hand at Work

The current hand that I’ve been dealt at work is currently shifting, and so I’m turning to yet another somewhat abstract blog post in order to relax myself and to get my thoughts on paper. I’ve got to say, work has been hyper stressful lately, and I’m hoping that this is something that will pass by, in the past it’s honestly always seemed like just one more thing that I could get to in order to get to the other side of this job…but if I’m being completely honest, I’m starting to worry that this may be the beginning of the end….I hope I’m reading this in 1-3 months and see myself as being overly paranoid, as I’ve kind of had a track record for that in the past when it comes to money, but I guess we’ll find out in time. And so, in this blog post, I give you a memoir of my past couple of days, talk about how to win at your job, and talk about why I am currently treating my job like a literal chess game in order to get some wins and pull myself out of a current bad hand at the office. Be sure to subscribe to our blog for additional details and information.

So, here’s what’s going on at work. Like I said, this blog post is going to be kind of a stream of consciousness piece of prose meant to calm myself down about current work stresses, and also to maybe give some of my readers someone else’s experience to use in their own way. Basically, shit hit the fan on a couple of things at once over the past few days, and I am starting to notice that as I am spending time to fix new problems, new ones are arising because I am not paying attention to them. I know that this is something that is likely survivable and that I can fight out of, but it is definitely not going to be easy. I am in some catch 22’s that seem somewhat unsolvable at the moment, and that need to be solved, less bosses will get upset…..and they’re already plenty upset. I’m in between something of a chess game (or a house of cards if you will) at the office right now, and I’ve been in this position before and had to dig myself out, and while I learned a heck of a lot, it also took a heck of a lot to pull out of it.

And so, among the current stresses at work are the below:

An upcoming meeting that I think will be fun, but that I worry I’m not in the best state of mind for How to Win at Your Job

An issue with a securities sale that may piss of a client and that looks like an uphill battle

A catch 22 where I’m waiting on information from someone else that I have little to no control over.

Several other very time consuming tasks that the clock is beginning to tick on

How to Win at Your Job, My Plan to Win

Combine this with the general day to day stuff, the constant calls, the meetings, the zoom calls, dealing with the lack of social interaction from remote work and trying to make the best of what might be quickly be becoming a less than ideal situation to be in, and I’ve got myself a gigantic pile of crap at the office to deal with currently…..cry me a river right. One of the questions that I keep asking myself is how did I get here? And while “why” isn’t usually a question that I get hung up on a lot, as I think it probably does more harm than good, in this case the question is nagging at the back of my mind like a bug. I almost feel like I should’ve seen this coming, and this thought is moving back and forth between either me being naïve, or me being dealt a bad hand….but with the luck I’ve had at this job over the past 18 months, I think the first option is more practical and likely to be the case.

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So, that’s what’s happening at the office right now, I’m hoping this does not become a repeat of what happened in January, where essentially the office house of cards nearly fell apart and I was really only able to backstop it by the skin of my teeth. If it happens a second time….I’m not sure I’ll be able to survive it politically, and……well I won’t go too far on that one 🙂

So here’s my fix for this issue:

  1. Use blunt honesty to try and pull myself out of problems that have built up
  2. Take a risk with the security issue for the client and hope it fixes the problem
  3. Try my best to relax, eat well and have a few drinks for the meeting
  4. Get up early tomorrow morning and do as much work as I can on the other stuff.

Final Thoughts on How to Win at Your Job

I know that this has been a very vague and probably not super entertaining blog post, but for some reason writing about my issues as of late has been a great therapeutic method for me to get my thoughts down on paper so that I can look at them objectively, and I am for some reason really starting to enjoy the practice of writing every single day, I can definitely see this ballooning into a long term daily habit, especially since I’ve been writing probably at least 4,000 to 5,000 words per week for the last like 3 to 5 years or so just for fun. And so, be sure to subscribe or comment for more details and information, and I will see you at tomorrow’s post!






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