16 04, 2020

Predicting the Stock Market, Proof that Nobody Can

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Predicting the Stock Market, Why Even Forbes is Wrong As proof that there is nobody in the world who is completely accurate in predicting the stock market this article will cover an experiment that is a little extreme. I will be picking ten stocks at random and comparing those ten chosen to the top ten by Forbes. After taking a list of 8908 stocks, having a “market monkey,” a.k.a. the code I wrote to pick x random stocks, pick 10 stocks [...]

14 04, 2020

What is a Pump and Dump, How to Spot a Hot Stock

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What is a Pump and Dump, and How You Can Spot a Hot Penny Stock that Is Prime for Bursting What is a pump and dump stock, and why you should likely avoid them at all costs. A pump and dump is it kind of stock scheme that is usually done with low class penny stocks, investors will seek out charts, that look like they have patterns resembling a pump and dump. A pump and dump is essentially want to trade [...]

12 04, 2020

How to Build a Stock Market Algorithm

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How to Build a Stock Market Algorithm How to build a stock market algorithm is no easy task. Many have tried before and in order to achieve this and have lost thousands upon thousands of dollars attempting to. Creating a stock market algorithm that is close to that of the actual New York Stock exchange which considers all factors that could possibly be at play is nearly impossible given that the current algorithm has likely come about from over a century [...]