Why The Trait of Openness is So Useful, My Opinion on the Subject

In this blog post, I’ll explain why the trait of openness is so useful, and will also go into the pros and cons of being high in this trait. Openness to experience, which is also linked to IQ, can also be called creativity, artistic ability, and is linked to traits like entrepreneurship, art, writing ability, and a host of other subjects. Openness, especially at the higher ends of the spectrum, is really something that can make you or break you depending on other factors like conscientiousness and intelligence, and of how its directed, as well as how much experience and persistence you have. And so, without further ado, in this blog post, lets look at the pros and cons of openness, and why it can be extremely useful if it is directed properly. Read on or subscribe to our blog for additional details and information.

Among the Big 5 We’ll be Covering in Our Blog as far as Personality Traits Include the Following:

  1. Conscientiousness
  2. Openness to Experience
  3. NeuroticismWhy The Trait of Openness is So Useful
  4. IQ
  5. Extraversion
  6. Agreeableness

I know that’s 6, and I’ll explain why in a second, as they technically correlate Openness to IQ in psychology.

Why The Trait of Openness is So Useful, But Why It Can Also Be Deadly

So Openness is something of a double edged sword, as it can be extremely useful if it is honed and harnessed and if it comes with a lot of discipline, but for the fact that it can completely destroy you if it is not targeted, if it is not blended with a lot of discipline, and if it is allowed to run free. At the good end of the openness spectrum, you get Tim Ferriss, Steve Jobs, really good jacks of all trades, linguists, fantastic creative writers like Stephen King, even high level politicians have been known to be very high in openness (Donald Trump, JFK, etc.) they are creative and intelligent.

On the lower end of this spectrum, we get the deadly side of being too open as a trait however, think hippies, those who are more apt to become addicted or fall into a cycle of being a hopeless lover, those who are lazy, are too creative to find a job, who don’t fit into any sort of structure, or who are too obsessed with a creative endeavor like art to make any money.

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The way to channel your openness if you are highly open (I am decently high in openness myself, for gosh sakes I’ve been building affiliate blogs in an addictive manner for the last like 9 years, and I absolutely cannot stop if I tried) what you need to do is to find a job/career in a more conservative field, accounting, finance, law, etc. Use this as your baseline income, and on your nights and weekends, try out your creative endeavor. Writing, creating, painting, writing books, entrepreneurship, building websites etc. Make sure that you are a realist as much as you are a hopeless creative, and in fact blend the two to make yourself absolutely dangerous in terms of your income!

The Downsides of Being High in Openness to Experience

Once again, the dangers here are that you don’t find a job because you are so obsessed with your creative pursuit, the dangers are that you fall into being a hippie since you dislike “corporate structures” etc. etc. (Ironically, whatever corporate structure you’re hating was once invented by someone who was extremely open, otherwise he would have just had a 9 to 5 job and never done anything in the first place.) The way you can hone this skill, meaning your creative pursuits, is to be persistent in your creative endeavors, but to also choose a conservative career field or job (insurance, sales, finance, accounting, computer programming, etc.) and make that work for you. Either that, or use your skills found in openness, to translate them to a career field, such as using your writing skills to work for a newspaper, or your art skills to become a graphic designer, etc.

Openness to Experience vs Conscientiousness, And Why I Tend to Side With The Latter

So, if I had to pick one of these to be really high in, it is conscientiousness, if for no other reason than that if you go off the cliff with too much of it, you at least will have a lot of money (and I’m speaking about industriousness portion of it mainly here.) However, I think the two of these should be blended, and that if you are a very open person, that you should look to cultivate discipline, structure, and everything involving discipline and structure in your day to day life. It will balance you out and might just be the key to making your creative endeavor work, things like waking up early, cleaning your room and making a schedule can be of amazing benefits to you if you are really open!

Final Thoughts On Why the Trait of Openness Can Be So Useful, My Opinion

So, its useful and its deadly depending on how and how much it is channeled. Don’t let yourself become a starving artist if you are really open, instead, discipline yourself and blend your interests and talents with a conservative career choice so that you can leverage your open interests for capital gains. What did you think of this blog post? Read on and subscribe to our blog for additional details and information.




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