How to Deal with Work Stress, My Opinion on the Subject, and How I Personally Deal with Work Pressures in a Very Stressful Field

Aside from the obvious of just powering through it and getting through the work week, in this blog post, I’ll walk through how to deal with work stress, and of how I personally deal with work stress, even in certain situations that seem quite literally impossible. Ironically, I am writing this blog post in order to deal with my own work stresses, and am quite literally blogging about stresses at work and how to deal with it in order to kind of get my own thoughts down on my current work stresses, and to shed some light on how I personally deal with them. And so, without further ado, lets get started on how to deal with work stress!

The gist of how I deal with a certain problem, or a mountain of problems at work, which tend to pile up and happen quite often, especially in a fast paced field like that of the finance and investments world, is to take a deep breath after work, assess the problem, and most importantly, write out a plan. I have found that the best thing that I can do when I am feeling really scatter brained or overwhelmed at work, is to write down a list, in a relative order of importance, of every single major thing that needs to be done. Writing down the problem helps me to get out of my own head and to make it seem a lot more manageable. In fact, just about every Sunday these days, I log into my job for about 20 or 30 minutes just to get a to-do list better for first thing Monday morning, it gives me a plan of attack to start off the week with, and I swear it helps me sleep better because its not on my mind, its on paper, a permanent, material thing, sitting on my desk, so I can take it off my brain and let myself get some much needed rest in order to start the work week. There are other things I do to in order to manage stress, and so I’ll try to make this as blunt and non-cliché of a blog post as possible, read on for more information.

And so, here’s my list of what I do in order to deal with stress at work:

Sleep in on the weekends as much as possibleHow to Deal With Work Stress

Try to eat properly

Get a light to moderate amount of exercise

Always keep friends around

Write down the problem as soon as it starts to overwhelm you

Write down the problem as soon as you start to lose sleep

Make a schedule and a List

Go on the Offensive

Pull a 5AM day if You Need To

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Sleep in on the Weekends

This one might sound a little bit stupid, especially when you could be using your weekend AMs to take care of your family, get ahead etc, and often times I feel like a lazy piece of crap when I sleep till noon on a Saturday. But I find that during the week, booking overtime once or twice can quickly lead to a few 5 hour sleep nights in a row, which can leave me completely dazed by the time the weekend comes. Getting a few 9 or 10 hour sleep nights can really help you to recharge and feel in good shape for the work week.

Try to Eat Properly – And Eat Breakfast!

I also find that eating properly (not eating too much fast food etc., eating meat and veggies, etc.) and that eating breakfast before work has an incredibly powerful effect on my mood, productivity, overall health, and in my ability to solve problems.

Get Some Exercise

Not as important necessarily as eating right, but exercising just 1-2x per week with some type of an aerobic activity, walking, running, swimming (playing basketball is really my go-to) can definitely help me to clear my head and be ready for the week.

Always Keep Friends Around

In my opinion, and I’m sure that there’s a psychologist or two that would agree with me here, isolation is one of the biggest fosters for depression, keep some friends around and this will help your mental state and productivity by quite a bit.

Write Down the Problem When it Overwhelms You, How to Deal With Work Stress in the Fastest Way Possible!

This is a huge one for tackling an immediate problem that is stressing you out. The best way to attack a problem is to have your predatory circuit on and not your prey animal circuit (going on the offensive vs feeling like a victim and activating your fight or flight response). Often times, getting out of your own head and writing down the problem can really help you to get out of your own head and to be able to rest, and not be so anxious about the problem. This is my number one go to when I feel overwhelmed by a problem.

Write Down the Problem to Stop Insomnia

If you’re tossing and turning about an issue at work, I can tell you for a fact that writing down the issue will help you get to sleep, if it won’t eliminate the insomnia problem altogether. If you’re like me, writing down the problem can really give your brain “permission” to stop thinking about the issue so that you don’t have to worry about forgetting, its written down now on tangible paper and that’s not going anywhere!

Make a List

Similar to writing down the problem, write out a plan of attack and get some rest so you can wake up and execute it in the morning!

Go on the Offensive

Pareto’s law states that the further away you get from zero (the more you move up) the more you increase your probability of moving further away from zero, and vice versa. If you’ve taken a hit at the office or in life, hit back! Grab some wins at the office anywhere you can, start showing up at 730am instead of 9am, get some wins and brush up on some tasks that you’ve been putting off for awhile etc. The more you can move yourself up, the less you’ll suffer at the hands of a mild defeat. Sometimes a win in a different area can be the best damage control for a loss in another.

Wake up at 5AM If you Need to for a Day, How to Deal with Work Stress

This relates to going on the offensive, wake up at 430 or 5am if you need to, get to the office at 645 AM and hit the day out of the park. Just one day like this every day can massively skyrocket your productivity.

Final Thoughts on How to Deal with a Stressful Career Field – My Opinion

And so, that’s pretty much my list of how I deal with stress at work. For more information, be sure to comment down below and to subscribe to our blog for additional details and information! And thanks again in advance for reading up on my therapeutic writing session for the day.







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