How Long to Become an Expert in Your Field?

How long to become an expert in your field is quite an interesting question, in that it is something that I have become absolutely obsessed with for two very different, although somewhat similar fields, the fields of Finance and SEO. I have heard things like it takes 1,000 hours to become an expert in your field, it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert in your field, and other, more generalized answers, like it really depends on the person, or like you need to have an IQ of 150 to really be considered an expert in your field of choice. And so, in this blog post, I’ll walk you through what I am doing to try and become an expert in my chosen fields, what the experts say about becoming experts, and what you can do to better your odds of becoming an expert as quickly as possible. For more information, be sure to comment down below or to subscribe to our blog for additional details and information.

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Some of my favorite fields that I am pushing to hitting the expert level in are:

FinanceHow to Become an Expert in Your Field?



Search Engine Optimization






Public Speaking

Reading People

And a host of other skills. In a perfect world for me I would really like to have multiple specializations and be considered an expert in all of them. For instance, a well-rounded finance specialists in the fields of Wealth Management, Accounting, Tax, Anti Money Laundering, Forensic Accounting, PHD in Psychology, a Toast Masters Champion in Public Speaking with a JD, and an SEO Master. The combination of all of these is basically impossible to do, and I am realizing that it’s probably more prudent for me to just focus on one career aspect like a specialization in Finance while doing SEO at the same time, will report back with updates to let you know how I’m doing on these.

How to Become an Expert in Your Field? How To Become a Financial Expert

In speaking with the track for how to become an expert in the field of Finance, I would usually say typical financial experts that I have worked with have followed a similar track:

  1. Become interested in Day Trading, CNBC and Finance from a young age, say High School.
  2. Graduate HS and major in Finance in College.
  3. Graduate with a BA in Finance or Accounting.
  4. Continue your education through a firm, either MBA, Accounting Degree, going for CFA, CFP or CPA license, etc.
  5. Move into either Wealth Managment, Tax, or Financial Analysis
  6. Work in one of these fields for 5 to 10 years while taking more education, certifications etc.
  7. As complementary skills, bump up your public speaking skills and your computing skills, these are both absolutely invaluable in finance.

If you do the above steps listed, you will be considered a Financial Expert. It is very difficult to do the above but is also doable.

How to Become an Expert in Your Field? How to Become an SEO Expert

Becoming an SEO expert is in many ways easier but more challenging then in the financial field. SEO is a much more liberal, much more creative and much less conservative career field. You surely are not going to climb the corporate ladder with SEO skills as your chosen field, instead you’ll need to get more creative. For this, this is the career track of an SEO master.

  1. In High School, take up either web design, computer programming, or blogging.
  2. Master 3 types of skills, SEO, UX and Design, Computer programming on an intermediate level, and Writing….Yes I know that’s 4
  3. Start testing your SEO skills with affiliate marketing and test with multiple sites
  4. Get revenue going on your own websites, while you’re building these up work in a chosen field like Internet Marketing, or Blogging/Writing for a News Outlet>>>this will help you a lot when you go out on your own.
  5. College Degree in Software Engineering would probably be best, Although Finance, believe it or not, is also a good one to have for SEO (analytics and cash flows are a large part of SEO, the statistics etc. are very similar.)
  6. Become a mild generalist in a lot of different topics (outer space, bike riding, horseback riding, gaming, programming) the more skills you are decently good at, the more blog topics you can write about and the more opportunity for multiple websites you have.
  7. Test, Test and Test some more. Get revenue and reinvest all of it back in. Start either an affiliate/e-commerce company or an SEO company that makes you $1,000,000.00+ per year, do this and you will definitely be considered an Expert in SEO.

The barriers to entry are higher for finance, but the bar is set higher to become an Expert in the world of SEO. SEO is a very difficult field at the lower levels, and you will likely need a job in another field to supplement your income while you are climbing the SEO ladder.

Final Thoughts on How to Become a Recognized Expert in Your Field, My Review

And there you have it, this is my total review for how you can become an expert in your chosen field of choice, and my ideal tracks for how you can become an expert in my own personal favorite fields, namely the fields of Finance and SEO. For more information, be sure to comment down below and to subscribe to our blog for additional details and information, and until next time, you heard it first right here at Inflation







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