12 12, 2020

Should I Use a Credit Card?

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Should I Use a Credit Card, Why All The Research Says Absolutely Not! Most people who are in credit card debt never expected to find themselves in debt. When you are approved for your first credit card, other credit card companies often start sending offers. Soon, your one credit card has turned into five, and each of them has high balances. If you are hoping to own a home, buy a brand new car, or be approved for any type of [...]

12 12, 2020

How to Payoff Credit Card Debit Fast

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How to Payoff Credit Card Debt Fast, Payoff Higher Interest Balances First! As ice rolls and gains momentum down the hill, it grows bigger and ultimately becomes a boulder. The equivalent concept applies when you want to end all your debts. You start by working on the small bills and take care of the big ones later. This debts reduction plan is efficient and will inspire you to repay all your arrears without struggling. It is equally efficient in financial management [...]

12 04, 2020

How to Snowball Your Credit Card Debt Properly

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How to Snowball Your Credit Card Debt Properly, And Why Snowballing Your Credit Card Debt is The Fastest Path to Being Debt Free! Credit card debt, and debt as a whole, is something that millions upon millions of Americans struggle with in day to day life, this blog post will show you how to snowball your credit card debt properly, and of why psychologically, this is the fastest way to being debt free. Whether it’s due to overspending, problems with job [...]