The Benefits of Chess in Business, An Underrated and Useful Skill

The benefits of chess in business is something that I think is not talked about enough, as this is a skill that can have benefits that surpass just learning the game of chess. Business, and especially in fields like finance, politics, or start-ups, thrive on a lot more than hard work. At a certain point in your career, I am finding that it becomes more about really winning the chess game, and benefitting from the spoils of war, than almost anything else. I’m finding more and more, that even in a remote COVID world, that the benefits of chess in business are hugely underrated currently, and that learning how to play chess can help you to take a 30,000 foot view on your career or your business, and to see it more like a strategic battle to be won than just about anything else. And so, in this blog post, I’ll walk you through the benefits of chess in business, and why certain skills can help you to win the chess game.

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The Benefits of Chess in Business, and Why Learning Chess is Great for Strategy

So, learning chess, even on the lower levels (I’ve been somewhere between a 600 and an 850 Elo depending on how often I’ve been playing chess) is something that I think is imperative to the great game of business. I am starting to learn that the more I treat business like a chess game, closing clients, getting sales, building an online business, adding to your resume and learning more skills, the more money I make and the better trajectory my career appears to be taking. I am learning that it makes you less emotional in business, and that while sometimes it can lead to cold and ruthless decisions, that it often makes you much more rational in your financial and business decisions.

Why Strategy is One of the Most Important Skills in Business

Strategy is one of the most important skills in business, and giving yourself a proper roadmap, especially in a business sense, I’d say is about 1/3 of the battle, with the rest being wisdom and execution, how many moves you can make and what specializations that you have. Strategy however, what moves to make and when to fold em and when to make certain decisions in certain positions, is something that I think is super underrated in business. This I feel is illustrated no better than by Jessica Pearson in Suits. She is very level headed, and often gets the upper hand on people like Harvey Specter and Daniel Hardman because of her strategic thinking.

Final Thoughts on The Benefits of Chess in Business, My Opinion

So, I personally feel that playing chess helps teach you how to think, how to think strategically, and of how to make plans when needed. It also is a really good way to teach yourself how to think in difficult situations and of how to chess your way out of them if need be. And so, this is why I think that it is very important to play chess, even occasionally in business, there are a lot of great businessmen and politicians that were avid chess players, so get on and play some chess! For more information, read on or subscribe to our blog for additional information!







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