What Writing 400,000 Words Taught Me, Hitting the 400,000 Word Mark on This Blog

What writing 400,000 words taught me, aside from the fact that I was able to write enough content to fill up literally 8 full length novels in a span of about 18 months, is that first off, I am good at blogging, and that I am positive now that I can make money off a blog in just about any topic just because I have the skill. It also taught me that maybe I just have the SEO niche in my blood, as I have tried to quit building affiliate sites for some time now, but still my favorite thing to do is basically to chill by myself and work on my affiliate sites, even though I still haven’t made a single dime off of this blog yet (even with 50,000 total hits) and with approaching 15,000 pageviews per month.

I’ve learned that I will probably be a blogger for life, and that I am maybe just obsessed enough about this field to conquer it, to keep pushing forward until I’ve made a million dollars, or 10 million dollars, or 10 million dollars a year, off of an internet company that I built by hand. Be sure to read on or subscribe to our blog for additional details and information.

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What Writing 400,000 Words Taught Me

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For me, I have always loved writing, and I have always loved Finance and money. Combine the two of these and you have yourself SEO and affiliate marketing. Writing is the engine that drives it and finance is the brain stem that analyzes it and tells it where to go, not a bad combination at all.

I remember the first time that I made a few dollars off of a website, it was love at first site, my business partner at the time when I was 17 years old was doing the coding and design and setting up the hosting, and I was doing the writing, the SEO and the strategy, it was a match made in heaven. Taking a year off, which was 2018 and 2019 really (though I had a small website then I had really given up on the skill…and was actually somewhat defeated with it mentally.)

Jumping back into in 2020 as I saw Coronavirus and the Digital Age of remote work start to take full steam ahead, made me more obsessed with it then ever, determined to do this one right. And so, if writing 400,000 words over these past 18 months has taught me anything, its that I love and am hooked on building websites.

Final Thoughts on What Writing 400,000 Words Taught Me, Pushing Onwards to a $100,000 Sale

My goal ever since I started this blog was to sell it for $100,000. In order to do that, you need to get about $5,000 per month in gross profits, my projections for this websites profits, based on our current traffic and reinvesting profits, is as follows:

2022: $200/m

2023: $600/m

2024: $2,000/m

2025: $5,000/m

2026: Sell for $100,000 Listing price

5 years till my hundred grand baby, that’d be an awesome day. For more information on all things business, read on or subscribe to our blog for additional details and information.




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