When Can I Quit My Job to Go Full Time SEO? A Question I Have Been Starting to Ask Myself Lately

So, when can I quit my job to go full time SEO? Is it when I have $50,000 saved, or is it when I hit $1,000 per month in consistent affiliate revenue, or when I hit $5,000 per month in revenue, or even $10,000 per month in revenue, or when I sell this blog for $100,000 in five years, or when my 401K hits XYZ, or any other scenario? In this blog post, I am going to reach out to all of the entrepreneurs and SEO specialists out there who have been dabbling, and who have been looking for a way to make more money at their online business, possibly even by quitting their day job and using their additional time to scale their blog, something that I have tried doing in the past with varying degrees of success. Read all about it in today’s blog post, for more information on all things business and finance, read on or subscribe to our blog for additional details and information.

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When Can I Quit My Job to Go Full Time SEO, My Take on the Subject

Don’t worry, I really love my job at the moment and am fighting like hell to keep it, and I definitely don’t plan on voluntarily resigning right now (they’d have to drag me out the door right now and I am feeling pretty sucked into the company at the moment) as I am on track to be hitting a very good salary. The resume boost, licenses, social skills, work ethic, challenges, certifications, and overall skill kickback that I am getting from the job is also extremely strong, which increases me wanting to stay there. To top this all off, I have dropped out of school to go full-time SEO before, which albeit is a bit different, but it led to me feeling extremely unstructured and I was way less productive, with how much money I was making, with how fast I was going, etc. It was a lot of sitting around and waiting, and it made me want to gnaw off my own leg just because I was bored.

But what would it take for me to quit my cushy 9 to 5 job that I really like and go full time on my SEO website? I would honestly probably keep the job until I had the following:

$500,000 per year in annual revenue

$750,000 in the bank

$250,000 in liquid cash

A strong social circle and at least 5 years of work experience built up

The CFP designation and a BA in Accounting in case I ever needed to get back into the work force

A Public Speaking Club to Go To

A girlfriend

And while some of these might sound a little ridiculous, my current job gives me access to a really powerful social network, and the rhythm that it puts me in for my week day after day is extremely fast paced, and is something that I really seem to like. I can’t imagine giving it up, I would quite honestly probably lose my mind and would need some other extremely busy project to wrap my head around while waiting for another 60 hour a week job to come up.

The figures above would definitely make me secure enough to quit my job, at $40,000 per month, working 50 hours a week for $6K per month starts to seem a little bit ridiculous. Add in the fact that with $750,000 in cash I could get another $15,000 per year in annual income, and could also have enough of a cash cushion, resume from the above work experience, and social skills and experience to bounce back if I needed to (even 1 to probably 3 years later) and I would be sitting pretty enough to consider pulling the trigger at this point.

It would still be some thinking at this point as well, as running a $40,000 per month online business, while it sounds like a lot, is really not that much effort every week. Yes growing it to that level can easily take a decade of 80 hour work weeks or more depending on how much experience, money and patience you have to work with, but I could probably maintain that and work my full time job still. I would be very reluctant to have my Series 7 license expire also, which would happen within 2 years of leaving the work force, obviously for $1,000,000.00 its very much worth it, but we are a ways away from that, my goal is $150 per month from this website next year. I threw in the girlfriend and the public speaking club to this list as well because I would probably need these, as well as at least a small friend circle, in order to keep myself sane while scaling my internet company from there.

Final Thoughts on Why It Would Take the Above to Quit My Job and Go Full Time SEO

Based on this timeline I have about 10 to 20 years before I can quit my job and go full time SEO. And while it would be fun to make $500,000 per year out of your house, after awhile, without the usual social interaction of a 9 to 5 job, it would start to get very strange indeed, although I have no doubt that I would work something like 12 to 16 hours per day and could scale the thing like crazy from there. What is your opinion on when you could go full time on your business? Comment down below and let us know.




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