My Review, How SEO Changed My Life for the Better

My first introduction to WordPress was when I made my first starter website at about 18 years of age, in the health niche, that even had its own domain. I soon would realize that getting that .com domain extension next to your website, and that upgrading your tools in a pretty significant fashion, was the only true way to succeed in the extremely competitive world of SEO, blogging, affiliate websites, and the world of the internet. And so, in this blog post, I am going to tell you my review, why I fell in love with WordPress since the first time I used the software, and why I will likely continue to use WordPress, on a daily basis, throughout the rest of my life. Take a seat, grab some popcorn, and dabble into the high pressure world that is making money on the internet, and be sure to subscribe to our blog and comment down below for more details and information on all things business and finance.

Why I Fell in Love With WordPress

I love my day job as a 9 to 5 Wealth Management consultant, but with this being said, I find it extremely stressful. I have to deal with people ALL DAY, and while I am pretty extroverted, relying on people to make money is a good strategy but one that is not very automated. As soon as you stop showing up to work, the cash flow stops, and your net worth soon goes with it, you are now falling instead of building. What I have always loved about internet marketing however, from the second I laid eyes on it, was that it it something you can fully automate. With say 5 to 10 hours a week of work, with me deciding whatever hours I do or do not want to work on the website, I can use this skill to build up a website that makes between $1,000.00 and say $5,000.00 per month, with a relative degree of certainty, almost fully on automatic.

The only source of income that I can think of that is more passive than website income is literally savings account interest or dividends on your stock portfolio. This is why I have always enjoyed building and selling affiliate websites, of course you have your own set of employers who don’t talk much (you are at the mercy of your affiliate partners and the Search Engines in comparison to say the Financial Advisors and managers that I work for in real life) but it is much different, and the ability to work in pajamas all day or make your own errors, is a type of power that gets you out of the 9 to 5 rat race, freedom is the name of the game and is something that you can actually build for yourself with SEO.

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Among the coolest features of that I really enjoy are:

The ability to install plugins

The traffic statistics

Ease of use regarding web design

Built in FTP Controls

Easy Content Management System

Ability to do On-Page SEO Quickly

User Friendly Webmaster Tools Setup

Getting Email Subscriber Tools setup is very user friendly

And most of all, I like the way that it’s my own little piece of the internet, that I can literally work on, almost for free, and that I can chip away on towards success. I also find that, for whatever weird reason, I just can’t stop doing this. Seriously even if I only made like $20 per month off of this website (which we’re hitting way higher numbers than that by now) but the traffic would keep going up, I would keep blogging and scaling the website, every single day. It’s a game to me and I get very competitive when I see videos of people hitting 225,000 pageviews per month and are making literally $7,000 to $10,000 per month in annual revenue. With this being said, there is much more money than this to be made, and the power of just using wordpress tools alone, even without off-page link building, is immensely powerful indeed.

Why Blogging is Such a Powerful Skill – If You Think About it Correctly

Most people think of blogging as just that, blogging. However I would encourage you to think about blogging not just as writing some articles for your website, but also as building up your affiliate marketing business. Taken to its conclusion, you can truly have a lot of power by building up affiliate websites that make money not only on a consistent basis and in a high amount, but that take you virtually 0 time to run once they are setup. Make no mistake however, it is an absolute war to get there, and you will likely need something like 1,000 to 2,000 well optimized articles on your website in order to pull this off, for something like 2,000,000 words or about 40 full length novels, alongside good SEO, keyword targeting, monetization and the like. I am at around 360 articles on this website right now and going strong, and it took me a solid 18 months to hit this point alone, it is a battle indeed, go into it knowing this.

Final Thoughts on My Review, My Take on the Software I’ve Been Using for 10 Years

I have used WordPress so much in the past that I have gotten to the point where I am having dreams about the software and about looking at my traffic and plugins. I have quite literally spent at least a thousand hours looking at my Site Stats in Jetpack, and I have become a literal stat rat when it comes to my website. Do you feel the same way? Comment down below with your website stories and subscribe for additional details and information.







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