How to Use SEO, The Beginning Story of How an SEO Affiliate Website Scales, Chapter 2 of My New Book

Chapter 2 – Why Day Trading Is Just Like SEO – Your Behavior

Before we get into the technicalities of how to actually get good at SEO, let me use a finance analogy for what this is going to be like day to day, because it is both super passive, and a full-time all the time job, especially when you are first building the website up and getting traffic going. In the beginning, SEO is like day-trading, if you want to grow your website, you need to be obsessive about it, hour after hour, writing content as much as possible, checking traffic, checking links, checking to make sure pages are indexed, etc. But once the website is setup, occasional maintenance is all that’s really necessary, and in fact it is a lot more like passive index fund investing in that you can set and forget your investment, only checking it on really an as needed basis. And so, in this blog post, lets look at how to use SEO and how to make money at it, in a nutshell. 

But enough of the esoteric stuff, this is a technical Ebook meant to make you money, so let’s do just that. The gist of the steps that are going to be required to start you with setting up an affiliate website that makes you money include the following:

-Pick a host

-Setup a .com Domain

-Setup an SSL Certificate, This adds a Measure of Security and Makes the Site HTTPSHow to Use SEO

-Begin to design your website, a template similar to will Fit the Bill

-Install the Plugins Jetpack, Pretty Permalinks, SEO Yoast, and SumoMe

-Start to write Content, To Pull off $1,000/m, you will typically need 1000, 1000 word blog posts. You can write this yourself, or outsource to any freelance writers, this will run you around $2500 – $3,000 for this much content. 

-Add a Website Silo Architecture to Your Content

 -Develop a Twitter Profile for Your Site – This Will Help Blog Posts Get Indexed

-Setup a Google Webmaster Tools Account for Indexing Content Faster

-Get a account and look for keywords in your niche.

How to Use SEO Past These Steps

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And while this may sound like a lot, and it is when you first get started, from here, you have a full website profile setup. The site is 100% ready to go from here, and now it is time to start making keywords and writing blog posts (I’ll explain each one of the above in more detail in a bit, as I know some of this may be starting to become hieroglyphs). The keywords and the blog posts are the most difficult part, because you will need to hit a high amount of content, that has a certain level of quality, and of which you have keyword optimized properly. This is the most important step of all, even mediocre content and a sub-par website design can thrive in terms of affiliate sales if you get enough traffic to them, and I have personally had this happen myself. Go to and search the niche you are trying to profit from, if it’s boats, search for “boats,” you will get a plethora of keywords that you can write about, each of these is the title of your new blog post, look for low to moderate volume and low competition keywords, and look for long tail keywords “4 to 6 word phrases etc.” in order to rank well. And voila, keep going with this until you have more and more content. At about 10 blog posts or so, you will see some monthly Search Engine traffic seep in on a regular basis, at 100 blog posts, you will see daily traffic come in, assuming these are all indexed and optimized with the SEO plugin, and you will easily hit hundreds of visitors per month from here. Congratulations by the way if you have made it this far, this is actually further than 99% of affiliate websites get on the internet. 

There are obviously additional and more advanced steps that you can take from this point, but at this level of your blog, you want to keep pressing onward, not worrying too much about monetizing until you have 1000 blog posts, and a website silo architecture built on this. With 3 blog posts per day, you can hit this inside of a year (like I said, it is a knuckle buster in the beginning, and you are going to sacrifice many weekends and nights doing this.) Make sure all of these posts are at least 500 to 1000 words also in order to get rankings. 

What SEO Looks Like Once You Have Profits

And I know that hitting 1000 blog posts sounds insurmountable, but believe me you can do it, even if it takes 1-2 years, because from here, you will almost never have to write again, and the blog will grow itself from $500-$1,000 per month, up to $2K, $3K, $4K and even $5,000 to $10,000 per month. See, once you hit 1,000 blog posts, you have been focusing on nothing but traffic primarily, up to this point. You should have at least 10,000 to 20,000 visitors per month at this point, and a typical CTR on these visitors will be something like a 3% click through rate to your affiliate links, and another 3% conversion rate from here, estimate a $7 commission on each purchase at this point as well. 

This will give you, at say 20,000 visitors per month, 600 clicks and 18 sales per month, for around $150 per month in profits. This equates to about 50 blog posts each month that you can post quickly by outsourcing content. This on top of you writing say just 1 blog post per day, gets you to 1,000 blog posts per year! This means, that at this point, even with just affiliate links (I’ll show you how to use e-commerce and a mailing list to jack these numbers up later in the book) that your BLOG DOUBLES EVERY YEAR. 

Final Thoughts on Using SEO, How to Use SEO Properly

A year after hitting $150/m you are at $300/m, then $600/m, $1200/m, $2400/m, and in 3-5 years with reinvesting all of these profits, you can very easily hit the $5,000 per month mark on your website, and from here it starts to grow exponentially. With $5,000 per month, you can hit something like 10,000 posts per year, and now you’ve really got yourself a business, hire a good SEO agency with your profits, and DON’T….STOP….POSTING…CONTENT. If you keep going, this is how people hit the higher levels, the $50,000 per month business, or the $100,000 per month business, and past this, you can sell these websites for 35 months revenue! Even on $5,000 per month, that is a $200,000 payday, hit $50,000 per month and it’s a $2,000,000.00 payday! It’s going to take you 5-7 years, and is definitely going to be an uphill battle, but I am giving you the reality right now, it is possible, it just takes a really long time, some education, and a bit of grit. And so, that’s how you grow these things and how you scale, in a nutshell and at sort of the 30,000 foot view. Now let’s get a little more detailed and let’s get into some of the technical SEO of these blog posts, and what some of these crazy words mean listed above in the chapter.


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