White Hat vs Black Hat SEO, Is There Such a Thing?

As far as this debate goes, I tend to subscribe to the theory that all SEO strategies short of just writing good content, using on-page optimization tools, doing good keyword research, building a Silo Structure, and optimizing your website from there, are considered to be black hat strategies. I will say that I have used a plethora of SEO tactics in the past, such as link building, forum link building, social bookmarking, social media campaigns, e-mail marketing for links, and much more, even PBNs that I spent tens of thousands of dollars on at one point. However, what I can tell you I have found works the best, and with the lowest cost over the long term, is the strategy that I am using right here on Inflation Hedging.com, which is to just write good quality content, write a lot of it, use a good internal linking structure, and to push on from there. It is working so far on this site by the fact that the traffic continues to grow as we post new content month after month, but also for the fact that it becomes more sustainable over time. When you start to use black hat strategies like spammy link building and other nonsense, your traffic becomes super volatile, one day you are getting 500 visitors per day, and the next your down to 25 to 50 hits per day (I have had this happen to me on sites before.) And so, in this blog post, lets look at the White hat vs black hat SEO debate, and my thoughts on the subject.

Some of the top Black Hat and White Hat SEO Strategies that I do not feel work very well include the following:

White Hat vs Black Hat SEO, Which Works Better?Web 2.0 Link Building

PBN Link Building

Redirect/301 link building

Expired Domain Redirecting

Buying Guest Posts

Using Fiverr backlinks

Buying other domains for backlinks

Comment link building

Youtube Link Building

Google Search Engine Ranker Link Building

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And a host of other tactics. The guru Matthew Woodward will tell you that all of these do work, its just a matter of whether or not they are implemented properly, and I am inclined to agree with him. However I think most people will find greater long term income security by sticking with the White Hat way of making money, which is by generating good content over the long term, and this is my opinion of why.

White Hat vs Black Hat SEO, Which Works Better?

So these two strategies are vastly different in their approaches, and black hat typically focuses on more short term thinking, with white hat taking a much more long term approach. White hat focuses on things like:

-Good content Quality

-Relevant Keywords

-Long Term Revenue Gains

-Building up a Quality Business to Pay your Mortgage for Life!

-Relevant title tags, unique content, and natural backlinks.

Consequently, Black Hat SEO focuses more on:

-Link farming

-Low Quality and Spam Content

-Making money over the short term

-Shoving affiliate offers down people’s throats.


I personally like building white hat affiliate websites better for a host of reasons, but mainly because they work well over the long term. For an example, I have not built a single link to Inflation Hedging.com, any backlinks we have occurred completely organically (or are internal links) and we have made it an effort to make our content solely business and money oriented, and to make it as quality and useful as possible. We don’t even have any affiliate offers on the website yet, and that is because I am launching other projects to try and build up a community first, some of our upcoming projects on this blog to scale our proper traffic include:

A finance Ebook for Subscribers

A better user experience

We have added a Stock Ticker Symbols Banner in Real Time for our Users

We are setting up a Forum for our users to mingle and talk about Finance.

Over the long term, you will make much more money going this route. My goal is to have inflation hedging for the rest of my life, this way in 25 years when I’m in my 50s, I have a website that I built in my mid twenties that is still paying the rent!

Black Hat SEO for Short Term Gains

As mentioned in the former, black hat SEO is definitely more something that you use for short term gains. It is things like link farming, link wheels, tiered link building nonsense, Search Engine ranker auto generators, high volume and low quality content, spammy content, and the like. And I’ll be honest, my understanding of the algorithm thus far is that these tactics will get you ahead in the short term, but that they will just as quickly tank your website, and as such your business, as a result of our inconsistent and inaccurate efforts. Focus on the long term white hat strategy, which is creating good quality content with relevant topics related to your niche, and you will do significantly better, trust me on this one.

White Hat SEO for Long Term Wins

White Hat SEO is definitely the way to go over the long term, and although its a lot harder and can seem to drag on at times, it is the way to make money over the long term. 5 to 10 years of using this strategy can yield you one of two things, a website that will provide you lifetime income, and the ability to scale and branch out to other additional affiliate websites, or a sale that can net you six figures in cash all at once. Let’s say that you build a site for 5 years, it has no choice but to grow and you will most definitely be an authority in your field. You will likely be making at least $3,000 to $5,000 per month at that point. From here, you have two lucrative options, one is to sell the website to the highest bidder, which will have you taking home a $100,000 to $200,000 payday, or you can reinvest the profits and scale, possibly getting you up to $10,000, $20,000 per month, or higher, and pushing you towards a potential 7 figure payday or more.

Final Thoughts on The White Hat SEO vs Black Hat SEO Debate, And Why I Site With the White Hats

And so that is the difference, in a nutshell, of how white hat strategies differ from those of the black hat. Simply put, white hat looks for long term business gains, and is much more profitable over time. Black hat tactics typically will get you crushed, and will not yield much fruit over the long term. For more information on all things Finance, SEO, computers, skill acquisition, and business, be sure to comment and subscribe to our blog for additional details and information, and until next time, you heard it first right here at Inflation Hedging.com.




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