Scottie Suits, Why I like Dana Scott’s Character As Harvey Specter’s Girlfriend

The following blog post will serve as my Scottie Suits review, and will explain why I think that Mrs. Dana Scott should’ve been the real perfect bride for the hero of our story, Harvey Reginald Specter. I would almost go as far as to say that Scottie was probably my favorite character on the show, as the relationship between her and Harvey was so passionate and honest that it was incredible, she is his true Lady Macbeth Indeed. More on Scottie from Suits down below, be sure to comment and subscribe to our blog for additional details and information.

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Scottie Suits, Why Dana Scott From Suits Had a Great Relationship with Harvey Specter, As Shown in the Video Above

Okay so, aside from showing you the video above, and walking you through the absolutely amazing level of chemistry that Harvey and Scottie both have, let’s look at a few other reasons why their personality types worked very well with each other, and of why I think that Harvey should have eventually married her, instead of Donna Paulson, who I think was much more twisted and manipulative with him.

They are both Lawyers

They Literally have the exact same personality type

They are both hyper competitive

They both are absolutely obsessed with working

They seem to get along and argue in a fun and competitive way that you can tell they both love

They have much more in common than he and Donna did

They understand each other’s ruthlessness

They are both at the top of their fields, and both could easily be Managing Partner

They are literally King and Queen, Macbeth and Lady Macbeth

If that isn’t enough as far as reasons why these two should’ve stayed together, than I’ve had it with you! But do be sure to leave a comment down below or to subscribe to our blog for additional details and information!

My Scottie Suits Review, The Battle Between Darvey (Donna and Harvey) And Scottie For Harvey’s Long Lost Lawyer Girlfriend

Obviously we knew that Donna and Harvey were going to end up together in the end, and overall it was a good way to kind of tie up the series with a bow and wrap things up nicely. With this being said, I do wish they would’ve had Harvey date Donna for about a year, and that they would have then had the two of them break up, with Harvey initiating the break up, and with him eventually running back to Scottie for the two of them to be together. The only reason why I think this would not have worked, is that Scottie was as much, if not MORE obsessed with her career than Harvey was, and I really can’t ever see her getting on board with marriage in family, as she really is a conscientiousness and career-obsessed woman at heart, I wish the show would’ve had a happier ending for Harvey and Scottie than the did, as I don’t fully ship Darvey.

Final Thoughts on My Scottie Suits Review, Why She is By Far My Favorite of Harvey Specter’s Girlfriends

So, what do you think of my Scottie Suits review, and do you think that Harvey Specter should’ve ended up with Scottie as much as he did Donna? Leave your thoughts down below and let us know. As a side note, at some point in the future when we hit 1000 subscribers, which I think we will be hitting sometime early next year, we will begin adding our subscribers on all new finance blog posts, as I have finally found a software that can do it cheaply (just bein real with ya!) So be sure to like and subscribe to our post for more information on all things Finance, Accounting, and Business TV shows!







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