Is Bobby Axelrod Based on Steve Cohen? Parallel’s Between Axe and The Real Life Billionaire Steven Cohen

I got the inspiration for this blog post several months ago while I was at work. A few mutual fund salesman had walked into the office of the bank that I work at, and had started talking about the TV show billions, and discussing how they knew that Bobby Axelrod was based on Steve Cohen and how it was a really cool show. Now that I’m thinking of this, for some reason the entrepreneur in me is coming out and I’m realizing that the one thing that these mutual fund salesman have in common, or wholesalers, as we commonly called them, was that they sit around talking about the billionaires and big shots, rather than acting and trying to build another business on their own in their spare time? End Rant. Nonetheless, it made me realize that the show was largely based on the shady business dealings of Steven Cohen, a real life hedge fund billionaire worth more than $10 billion. And so, without further ado, lets answer the question of is Bobby Axelrod Based on Steve Cohen, the real life hedge fund manager? For more information, subscribe to our blog for additional details, and comment down below with your thoughts and opinions, and we’ll get back to you within one business day with a response.

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Is Bobby Axelrod Based on Steve Cohen?Similarities between Bobby Axelrod and Steve Cohen include the following:

Both ran hedge funds

Both had the US Attorney after them

Both Caddied at a Country Club when they were younger

Both ruthless in their business dealings

Both broke 38% returns multiple years in a row

Each had over $50 billion in assets under management

Both cracked the $10 billion mark, like how Axe did in Season 5

And many more similarities, check out the below headings for more information!

Why Is Bobby Axelrod Based on Steve Cohen? And Did Steve Cohen Fight The US Attorney in Real Life

The creator, that many may recognize from the New York Times, is the great writer and film writer Andrew Ross Sorkin, he had met Steve Cohen many times in real life and was intrigued in creating a show about him, and in fact it was these exact meetings between the two of them that caused him to make a show about the life of Hedge Fund billionaires, and what some of the ins and outs are of being such a kingpin. I guess some of the meetings must have been fruitful, as Billions is without a doubt an incredible show, and by many accounts has been ranked the number one show on the air, and the number one show on showtime! I personally love the show quite a lot, in that it is an absolute thrill ride, and really makes you think, dream and plan to see what it would be like to be a real life billionaire, if only, maybe in the next life.

Steve Cohen is to Bobby Axelrod As Who is to Chuck Rhoades?.

If Steven Cohen is the real world Bobby Axelrod, then who is Chuck Rhoades based on? Jackie Chiles? Johnny Cochran? Chuck Rhoades jr. the formidable US attorney that is persistently going after Robert Axelrod, is actually loosely based on the real US attorney that went after Steven Cohen in real life, known as Preet Bharara, the real life US attorney at the time, who spends his mornings doing Jiu Jitsu, his nights prosecuting billionaires, and his nights having BDSM moments with his wife and their friends, not a bad way to spend a life. In real life, I bet some of their arguments weren’t quite so action packed, however the reality of the story was probably darn close to how it happened in the show.

Final Thoughts on Steve Cohen and Bobby Axelrod from Billions

And that’s pretty much the gist of why Bobby Axelrod is based on Steven Cohen the real life billionaire, and of how this real life billionaire performed under pressure, much like the showtime’s Bobby Axelrod did on Billions. You guys seem to really be enjoying the Billions articles, so I am scaling them up and adding about 10 to 20 of them before moving on to a different show, or at least until I run out of topics. For more information on Billions and on all things finance, be sure to subscribe to our blog for more details and information, and I will see you next time.








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