Billions Review, Why Billions Is Absolutely My Favorite TV Show in 2020!

The show Billions of Showtime follows people with power in the world of finance in New York City. The U.S Attorney is ambitious and often collides with a popular and wealthy hedge fund giant. They are also looking for a way to get past each other and there are billions of dollars at stake that can go either way. While there is a lot going on in the show Billions it is entertaining to watch. Season one of this series has gotten rave reviews from both fans and critics. There is a good storyline and the cast puts on a good performance. The show is well acted and the characters play roles that are believable. Some fans have said that the show Billions has twists and turns that make it like a soap opera in some ways. The topics are more serious than most daytime soaps and there is better acting. The show also gives people an insight into what happens on Wall Street. While the show is fiction, the situations that happen on the show are realistic. So in short, here’s my comprehensive Billions review, subscribe or comment down below for more details and information!

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Bobby Axelrod in My Billions Review, The Steve Cohen Based Character Is a Boss!

Billions have an interesting storyline and it is able to hook fans in. Once a person watches one episode they will tune in to see the latest twists in the story. The show does follow a classic tale of power and greed. Fans can see firsthand how power and greed affect the characters. There are many modern twists as well. The characters have both positive and negative qualities. Even the characters that may seem self-indulgent are likable in a way.

It is not just fans that enjoy Billions. Critics have many positive things to say about this show as well. The show has won many awards for both the storyline and the acting from the cast members. Maggie Siff was nominated for the best support actress award in television at the 21st Satellite Awards. Paul Giamatti was nominated for the best actor award at the 8th Critical Choice TV Awards. The series was nominated for the Best Drama series at the 7th Golden Nymph Awards in 2017. This show was nominated for Outstanding Drama Series at the 29th GLADD Media Awards in 2018. The show was nominated again in 2019 and the results as pending. Overall the show receives 4.5 out of 5 stars from viewers. The show has plenty of twists and turns and will keep fans tuning in each week to see the latest developments. Among my favorite side characters in the show that I think make the show so good are:

Billions ReviewWendy Rhodes

Chuck Rhodes

Lara Axelrod

Bobby Axelrod

Mac Danzig

Ben Kim, The Ivy League Genius

Mike “Wags”Wagner

And all the other characters too, read on for more information!

My Top Five Favorite Characters On The Show Billions

  1. Bobby Axelrod – I have to go with the main character on the show as my favorite character in the series. Bobby Axelrod is no doubt a genius, and more than that is a pure finance, politics and sales/investment genius, and is a practical business deity! Within the show, Robert Axelrod consistently pulls off some really difficult financial things, like calculating interest rates in his head, reading and filing 10-K reports, making sure to always hedge risk in each one of his trades, manipulating the market and getting involved in insider trading, and much much more.
  2. Wendy Rhodes – The powerful and esteemed therapist of Bobby Axelrod, Wendy Rhodes is the loyal companion and therapist to the King, Robert Axelrod, with just one caviat, she is married to the U.S. Attorney, his sworn enemy and the man who is trying to take him down!
  3. Mike “Wags” Wagner – Bobby Axelrod’s best friend, business associate, and long time attack dog, Robert Axelrod used Wags in just about every single episode in a variety of fashions, from deal making, to helping him pick stocks, to mitigating office politics and serving as a controller, and even in taking a leadership role in Axe’s absence.
  4. Ben Kim – The boy genius analyst, and basically the “new guy,” at the firm, as a shy nerdy analyst that is probably one of the smartest people in the room aside from Taylor, his demeanor and performance in the office actually reminds me a lot of myself in my own banking career! Love him and his character!
  5. Lara Axelrod – While she has very mixed feelings from the audience behind her as a character, I personally like her a lot, and I think that many episodes in the later seasons of the series show that she is Axelrod’s one true wife, and that she is definitely his best partner, even next to Wendy.

My Final Billions Review Story, My Favorite Scene In The Show Billions, Season 1 Episode 1!

Once again, Billions is my favorite show on television by far! Have any comments that you want to add, or think that I should’ve picked a different scene in the series as my absolute favorite? Comment down below with what your favorite episode of Billions is, and give us your full Billions review for a chance to win a free sample of my new upcoming Finance book “Everything you’ll ever need to know about Finance.” Subscribe for more details and information.







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