Jessica Pearson Suits, The Best Managing Partner There Is

My Jessica Pearson Suits review will touch on why she is such a badass woman, looking at some of her best moments within the show and talking about why she puts even the great Harvey Specter to shame! Jessica Pearson, were she to be a real person, is definitely one of the toughest, smartest and most hard working people that there is. The following blog post will touch on why she is such a cool character, so be sure to subscribe for more details and information!


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Jessica Pearson Suits, How Much Capital Jessica Pearson from Suits Likely Has

Ah, Jessica Pearson, my all time favorite character from the show Suits. Jessica Pearson likely has somewhere around $100,000,000.00 to her net worth at the shows conclusion. Being that she operated at the top of the food chain for a very long time in the show’s history, something in the range of seven years, where she probably took home a pre-tax income of north of $10,000,000, that gives her somewhere around $5,000,000 per year in annual profit, after her taxes, new york taxes, and the like. Assuming she lives off something like $500,000 per year, this allows her to put away $4,500,000 per year, which over 10 years at a 10% stock market return, would give her something like that $100,000,000.00 number that we would see at the end of the show. Jessica Pearson is much more than the money she has saved up however, lets look at how tough and smart Jessica Pearson is with regards to her character as Managing Partner of one of the largest Law Firms in New York City!

My Rundown of the Jessica Pearson Suits Personality Profile, What Jessica Pearson’s Big 5 Personality Model Looks Like

In looking at the Jessica Pearson Big 5 Personality Profile, we come across the following for her:

Agreeableness: 40th percentile, She is Definitely more disagreeable and argumentative than she is agreeable, and in fact while this is almost always the case, she can definitely be soft when she wants to or needs to, and is shown to be very sympathetic at times, especially with her friends, such as Donna and Rachel.

Conscientiousness 100th percentile – She is definitely at the pinnacle for conscientiousness, and in fact is even more hard working than the great harvey specter at times, although with not as much charisma, and with not as good of people skills, even if she is more emotionally aware and much more level headed than Harvey Specter is.

IQ – 140 – 99th percentile – She likely has a higher IQ than every other person in the firm, except for maybe Louis Litt and Mike Ross, but she is slightly above Harvey in the intelligence department, not that Harvey Specter is not highly intelligent, because he most definitely is.

Openness – Jessica Pearson is definitely higher in openness than meets the eye, in that she is running a corporation, which requires a heck of a lot of creativity in order to innovate and to stay at the top than one would think. I’d give her the 60th percentile for openness, as it also correlates pretty well with IQ.

Neuroticism – 15% – She is very low in anxiety, and always manages to stay as cool as a cucumber in the majority of situations.

Final Thoughts on My Jessica Pearson Suits Review, How Much Money She Likely Has

All in all, I thought that Jessica Pearson was a really cool and useful character, and that she absolutely dominated as managing partner of her firm. Leave a message down below and let us know what you think of Jessica Pearson from suits, and let us know what other Suits or TV show reviews about business and finance you would like to see!







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