How to Pass The Series 24 Exam, Secrets of the General Securities Principal Qualifying Exam

So, in this blog post, I’ll tell you how to Pass the Series 24 exam, as this is a test that I’m working towards taking sometime next year. It is widely known as the most difficult FINRA exam, and even is listed on many FINRA/SEC blogs as HARD (the Series 7 and Series 66 are listed as medium to hard, and I can tell you from experience that both of these exams were absolutely no picnic.) In this blog post, I’ll tell you exactly what I did to pass the 7 and the 66, why the Series 24 is a way harder exam, and of what kind of study strategies I used to pass all of them on the first shot. For more information, be sure to comment down below and to subscribe to our blog for additional details and information.

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How to Pass The Series 24 The First Time, Study Tricks I’ve Learned From Years of Passing FINRA Exams

So this headline is a little bit of an exaggeration, I’ve actually only passed 3 FINRA exams so far, the SIE, The 7 and the 66, and I can tell you that each one of these were brutal and that I broke a sweat on every single one of them. With all this in mind, I think that I would have no problem passing the 9, the 10 and the 24, and that I could probably do each of these with about 8-12 weeks of study prep. This would entail about 3 hours per day of studying on weekdays, with 6-8 hours of pure studying on weekends, leading to a study routine of about 30 hours per week of studying, which equates to 200 to 300 hours of total studying for each exam. My strategy for passing each one of these FINRA licensing exams is fairly straightforward.

  1. Buy the book from Kaplan – Read the entire thing cover to cover, and take notes in the margins/outline so you understand the whole thing fairly well.
  2. Take the Kaplan exams until you are getting in the 80-85%+ range – Once you’ve done this, you can move on to Training Consultants.
  3. Take the Training Consultants Tests over and over again until you are consistently scoring in the 80% range, there questions are very helpful on the actual exam as the format simulates actual exam questions.

If you do this and take care of all of the above, no matter how long it takes you to do so, then you will have yourself an easy time on the exam! I did this for the Series 66 exam and I had a smile on my face the entire time because it seemed so easy.

Why This Exam is So Hard

Now the 24 is so difficult because there is just so much darn information, it is basically the Series 66 on steroids because the exam is so dense and full of legal material. I think the book is something like 800 pages also, which really hammers home the fact that you are going to be doing nothing but sitting down and reading for a really really long time here. The 24, just because of the vast quantity of information that it entails, even though most of the info is actually fairly useless from a career standpoint, is the hardest exam just due to pure density of information, nuff said here.

How to Pass The Series 24 Vs passing the 7 or 66, Why Studying for the 24 is Much Closer to the CPA Exam

For the Series 24, follow the steps outlined above and you’ll do great on the test. For this test however, you are going to want to double the time that it took you to study for the Series 7 or the Series 66 exam, since this will allow you to really have time to soak up all the information that you’ll need in a way that will allow you to pass the exam on your first try. I wish you all the best of luck on this monster of an exam, I have actually yet to meet anyone that has passed it on the first try, leave a comment down below and let us know if you think you can.

Final Thoughts on How to Pass The Series 24 The First Time

And so, do the steps outlined above, and you’ll have absolutely no problem passing the Series 24 on your first attempt. The 24 is one of the toughest FINRA exams that you can take, and it is on part with taking 1-2 CPA exam sections all at once, it can be compared to a really hard senior year law school exam, and you will no doubt feel like you are in law school as you are preparing for the exam, best of luck and comment if you pass.







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