What Is The Continuing Education Requirement For the Series 66? Why It Is Bundled With The Series 7

What is the continuing education requirement for the Series 66? The CE requirement for the Series 66 is nearly identical to that of the Series 7, and most other Securities licenses, in that it is 24 to 30 hours of what essentially amounts to online courses, all of which are not pass or fail, and that do not need to be done except for by a given deadline. An example, is that I got my license in June of 2020, my Continuing Education window opens up in June 2020 and stays open for 120 days for me to finish my required hours. If I do not get these in on time, my licenses go into “restricted status” and they are not unfrozen until I get my Continuing Education credits done. If you don’t get the Continuing Education credits for 2 years, or you are not associated with a member firm for two years, your licenses essentially expire (that’s terrifying as all heck) and you will have to get sponsored and take the exams again! My heart beats out of my chest thinking of this happening to someone, as I know how valuable your Series 7 and Series 66 licenses are, especially with some work experience, or things like your CFP or your Notary Stamp added to them! More on this in the blog post, read on or subscribe for additional details and information!

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What Is The Continuing Education Requirement For The Series 66?

The continuing education requirement for the Series 66, is in a nutshell, a boring online course that your member firm should provide as soon as your Continuing Education window opens for the exam. The first time you do continuing education, it will open up on exactly the two year anniversary, and you will have 120 days to complete it from there. Same goes for the Series 7 (from what I have heard it’s like 30 minutes a day for 30 days or something in that range, it is not super crazy and if you just do the work you will have no problem unlocking your Series 7 license for another 3 years). The good thing is, that with the 7 and the 66, that once you complete the Continuing Education the first time around, that you are good to go for 3 whole years before you have to do it again! So my continuing education for my Series 7 and Series 66 should be done by say August of 2022, this will carry me until August of 2025, heck of a good run no matter what happens from there!

How Does CE For the 66 Compare To The Series 7?

They should be very close to the same, and while I know the 120 day rule after your 2 year anniversary is 100% accurate for the Series 7, I cannot find anything specific for the Series 66 in all honesty. In fact, all of the licensing exam continuing education programs just say “Registered Representative” so I am actually assuming that the 7 and 66 get pooled together, I will let you know once I start my CE for this in the next 90 days or so.

How Much Does The Series 66 Exam Cost To Take

Materials, study guides, online courses and all, the Series 66 is likely going to cost something like $250 to take the exam, lock, stock and barrel. Your firm will pay for the cost of the exam itself and the materials with nearly 100% certainty. For FINRA sponsored firm exams, I don’t think that you could pay for them yourself if you tried (and believe me I have tried before) and with some other license exams, like the 9, 10 and 24, you have the issue that firms will not let you get the licenses, lest you become too powerful! No but seriously, for some reason they like will not let you get them, I believe likely because it boosts your resume in a seriously major way, and because they don’t want to flood the market with it.

Why I Struggled On The Series 66, What is The CE For the 66?

The Series 66 was an extremely difficult license exam. I will tell you that using the combination of Training Consultants and Kaplan, as well as taking 8 full weeks for the exam and spending some time actually reading the book and sitting with the material, was really the only thing that got me through that dreaded exam! I would seriously recommend taking it in stride if you sit for this one, it is tough as nails.

Final Thoughts On What Is The Continuing Education Requirement For The Series 66? My Thoughts And Opinions

Hope you enjoyed this blog post on what the CE requirement for the Series 66 exam looks like! I have found that each one of these FINRA Securities Licenses that you can get your hands on are extremely powerful, and that each license, certification or designation, boosts your capital in the industry by a massive amount. Get as many as you can get your hands on, and be sure to subscribe for all kinds of additional information!




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