Dodge Tynes Most Dangerous Game Review, Will Dodge Survive The Hunt in the Most Dangerous Game?

So, this is a blog post about Finance, but it’s not a blog post about Finance, in that it’s really about how one man is hunted for the chance to win $24,500,000 over the span of 24 hours, with deposits increasing every single hour that he stays alive within the game. If you still haven’t seen the show Most Dangerous game, it is on Quibi, and you can even get free clips on youtube (one of which I will post here as a quick snippet) so that you can watch the show basically entirely for free. I watched this entire season 1 cover to cover, as it is only about 2 hours long, 15 or so short clips of 8-10 minutes, but each clip is SO thrilling that this is literally the best show I’ve ever watched on television, PERIOD. I love the adventure and the persistence aspect of it, and I know for a fact that you will love the show if you watch it to. Spoiler Alert, Dodge does survive the hunt, but just barely, and ends up hanging off of a building at the last second of the hunt, in this blog post, I’ll walk you through my Dodge Tynes Most Dangerous Game Review, and will describe the rules of the hunt! Subscribe to our blog or comment down below for more details and information on the show.

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My Dodge Tynes Most Dangerous Game Review, What are the Rules of the Hunt?

So basically the show starts out with our main character, Dodge Tynes, known mainly as just “Dodge.” Dodge is dying of cancer, or so he thinks, and has somewhere to the tune of $500,000 to $1,000,000.00 in debt as a real estate developer in Detroit. Down on his luck, and with what the doctors tell him is likely only a few weeks to live, Dodge meets up with the Tearo fund, a fund that is portrayed as helping out cancer patients. What it really is, is a guise where they have an elite clientele pay fees likely in the range of $100,000,000 per hunter in order to join a game where they can hunt someone to the end. The rules are as follows:

The hunt starts at sunrise and ends at sunrise the next day, 6:46 am to 6:46 am

No money, no phones, and no weapons allowed.

You must keep a phone issued by the Tearo fund on you at all times so that it shows your exact location every single hour.

If you break any of the rules, tell anyone about the hunt, etc. Then they make you a permanent player in the game, and the hunt will never end.

The spoils are as follows:

$50,000 at the top of the first hour

Start of hour 2: $100,000 wired into the player’s account

Start of hour 3: $150,000

Start of hour 4: An additional $200,000

Start of hour 5: $250,000Dodge Tynes Most Dangerous Game Review

Start of hour 6: $300,000

Start of hour 7: $350,000

Start of hour 8: $400,000

Start of hour 9: $450,000

Start of hour 10: $500,000

11: $550,000

12: $600,000

13: $650,000

14: $700,000

15: $750,000

16: $800,000

17: $850,000

18. $900,000

19. $950,000

20: $1,000,000

21: $2,000,000

22: $3,000,000

23: $4,000,000

24: $5,000,000 YOU WIN.

For a total of $24,500,000. It is very cool to watch the clock tick in this show and to watch his bank account increase as deposits increase every single hour he is in the game.

Final Thoughts on My Dodge Tines Most Dangerous Game Review on Quibi

I won’t spoil the entire show on the first blog post about it as I am going to be posting reviews on all fifteen episodes of the show, as well as an aggregate review, and a review of every single character within the show. I am absolutely obsessed with this show, as I love MONEY and COMPETITION and this show brings out each one of these to their fullest extent! I also have some martial arts training and love the fighting scenes in the show! More to come as far as Most Dangerous game reviews, I hope you enjoyed the blog post, and be sure to like, subscribe and comment down below with your thoughts and opinions on the article, and we’ll get back to you within one business day with a response.







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