Mafee Billions, How much Money Does Dudley Mafee Make from Billions?

The following blog post will review the Mafee Billions character, and will walk through how much money Dudley Mafee, more frequently known as just “Mafee,” has on the show Billions. Overall, Mafee is a fan favorite character of mine from the show, and whether it’s him flirting with the front desk girl Rebecca, maintaining a sense of humor even in a challenging circumstance, or saving the day and keeping Wendy from catastrophe, I’ve always loved this character. For more information, be sure to subscribe for regular blog post updates. 


Mafee Billions, How Much Money Does Mafee Make at Axe Capital?


Throughout the show, we constantly see Mafee getting raises, bonuses, making trades with $20,000,000+, and the like or very high ticket payday items. We also literally see Bobby Axelrod give him a $1,200,000 Cash bonus in what is known as “cold storage,” whatever that means. So he’s doing very well as far as at least his finances go, but just how much money does he probably rake in?


Over His 5 year Tenure at Axe Capital:


Salary: He likely makes at least $250,000/yr just in base salary, in that he is always bragging about how he is stupid rich to the girls in the office. 


Billions MafeeBonuses: $750,000/yr average, this is probably about the case because he got a $1,000,000 in one episode which Axe called (a personal best) so he probably averaged somewhere in the $750,000 range. 


Commissions: let’s assume he clears $20,000,000 in net Alpha profit generation for the firm each year, he likely gets about 1% commission on this, for an extra $200,000/yr. 


Total Compensation: $1,200,000/yr


Not too Shabby. 


The Personality Profile of Mafee from Billions

As far as the personality profile of Mafee from Billions, he has a very interesting profile as he is very smart, and very disciplined, but is also sort of a goofball in certain ways. He is very agreeable, and is also very extroverted, but overall, he has a very well balanced personality profile that has clearly worked quite well for him. The following is the full big 5 personality model of Dudley Mafee from Billions.

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Agreeableness – 55% – He is generally a very agreeable person and in his flirtatious undertakings with Deb, you can see his true personality. He is also genuinely a very nice guy, although he definitely has a dark side a little bit as he hops over to the other side with Taylor Mason in leaving Axe Capital.

Openness – 39% – He is kind of low in openness, in that he is not super creative, and has much more of a conservative temperament.

Conscientiousness – 89% – He has been described as an effort guy, and as the type of guy that will always go the extra mile to do what it takes to win. And while he may not have the genius that someone like Taylor or Bobby Axelrod has, he can definitely put his shoulder to the wheel and grind when he needs to, sometimes even proving Axe or Taylor wrong in the process.

IQ – 130, 98% – He is definitely in the 98th percentile for IQ and has probably an IQ of around 130 in order to sustain his current income level and position at Axe capital.

Neuroticism – 35% – While you can see him have some mild moments of anxiety and depression, he is generally pretty easy going and low in neuroticism.

Extroversion – 82% – He is VERY extroverted, and in terms of pure extroversion, is probably one of the most outgoing people socially on the show, right up there with Dollar Bill Stern. Compared to someone like Axe, who while is very extroverted, is more conscientiousness and power hungry, he definitely has much more pure extroversion.

Final Thoughts on Mafee Billions, My Review of Dudley Mafee from Billions

Overall, Mafee is a really cool character on the show, and I really like his personality overall. He is definitely among the friendliest people in the office, but is also very smart and is highly efficient, and you can tell that he is very well liked by everyone in the office. What do you think of Dudley Mafee from billions, and what do you think of him moving from guy code to billions? Leave a comment down below and let us know what you think.









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