Harvey Specter Suits, How Much Money Does Harvey Specter Have?

In my Harvey Specter Suits review, we’ll look at why Harvey Specter is a really cool character, how much money Harvey Specter actually has, and of why I aspire to be like Harvey Specter in his work ethic, social skills, experience, and intelligence (plus his skills with the ladies and his money.) Overall, Harvey Specter, were he to be a person in real life, is a really good guy, and has a lot of friends, girlfriends and associates around him. He also is one of the main characters on the show, and makes the show an action packed, risk taking thrill ride. In this blog post, we’ll look at the full personality profile of Harvey Specter from Suits, stay tuned for more! And for more information, be sure to comment down below, or to subscribe to our blog for more details and information.


Among the other main characters on the show Suits include the following:

Mike Ross

Donna Paulsen

Jessica Pearson

Rachel Zane

Louis Litt

Sheila Psazz

Logan Sanders

Shaun Cahill

Steven Huntley

Edward Darby

Ava Hessington

Katrina Bennett

Robert Zane

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And a host of other really cool and noteworthy characters. There are a lot of main characters that take on varying roles throughout the firm, in that, because the series is like 9 seasons long, there has to be so many characters, but nevertheless, a really great show overall, and by far my favorite show on television.

How Much Money Does Harvey Specter Have? My Harvey Specter Suits Review

So, at the end of the show Suits, I would say that Harvey Specter likely has somewhere in the range of $50,000,000 to $100,000,000, and that Louis Litt likely has $125,000,000+, with Jessica Pearson closer to the $75,000,000 range, since she retired a little bit sooner than they both did. Donna Paulson would likely have around $2,000,000, Rachel Zane $500,000, and Mike Ross closer to $4,000,000, with Katrina probably having around $1,000,000, and Samantha having $4,000,000, with Alex Williams also likely having around $4,000,000. The reason I think I am fairly spot on with at least the Harvey Specter, Jessica Pearson and Louis Litt numbers, is due to the first episode of season 6 of suits, where Harvey, Jessica and Louis are sitting in a room together getting high, and talking about how they are going to pool their resources together in order to restart the firm. Harvey and Jessica are talking to each other about their numbers, basically saying “not too shabby,” of which I would guess that at this point in the show, Harvey has somewhere around $30,000,000 to $40,000,000, with Jessica Pearson having closer to like $60,000,000.

Louis Litt comes back with his net worth and they both say “WHOA,” to which Harvey asks why he was too cheap to pony up Donna’s salary, and then Louis says “um, basic financial management skills.” Being that Louis is a master of finance, and we have seen that he is not liquid from his phone calls with his Financial advisor, it is pretty safe to say that he probably has around $90,000,000 at this point in time of the show, and that he has had his money tied up in 90% equities so that it can grow, coupled with him being cheap, allowing him to hit some ridiculous financial numbers. When it’s all said and done, were Louis Litt to be a real character, we could definitely expect him to surpass the $200,000,000.00 mark for his final net worth, no mean feat indeed.

The Personality Profile of Harvey Specter, My Big 5 Character Analysis Profile of Harvey Specter from Suits

So that’s the gist of how much money Harvey Specter from Suits has, lets take a look at his Big 5 Personality Profile to see what gives Harvey the traits of a true winner.

Conscientiousness – His second best trait, with his best and most powerful by far being people skills and Extroversion, I would put him at the 95th percentile for Conscientiousness. Louis Litt and Jessica Pearson are at the 99th percentile, with Mike Ross at more like the 94th percentile for Conscientiousness. Harvey Specter is extremely hard working, and is at one of the pinnacle percentages in the world with regards to how much work output he does, and of how many hours and of how efficiently he is able to work.

Extroversion – 99th percentile – Harvey Specter’s social skills, charisma and charm are off the charts, and he is definitely a highly extroverted person. Although he can sometimes get annoyed with certain people, and can be a little bit hot headed at times, he is definitely a very outgoing person, who loves to give speeches and socialize to a very high degree.

Agreeableness – 38% – This varies between 30th and 45th percentile throughout the show,l he is definitely a much more disagreeable person, although he can be vulnerable to his loved ones like his mother, Donna, Mike, and Scottie, as well as Jessica. He can be friendly when he wants to be, has a sense of humor and is sarcastic, but is definitely a disagreeable lawyer at heart.

IQ – 135 – He did graduate from Harvard Law after all, and while he doesn’t have the ridiculous genius IQ that Mike Ross has, he is definitely in the top 1 or 2 percent for his IQ.

Neuroticism – 25th percentile – I would’ve put this at closer to the 15th percentile, except for the fact that he can get very emotional at times, and for the fact that there was once an entire season where he was having panic attacks because he lost Donna. So he definitely is not cool as a cucumber in every single situations, and in fact what takes him out the most are not business issues, but issue with friends, family and girlfriends, in which he can become very neurotic and needy about people leaving him.

Openness – 40th percentile – he is a little bit creative in some of his maneuvering, but overall doesn’t have a huge taste for art, although he does like classical music, and is a lawyer in New York, a very conservative profession, though in a very liberal state.

Final Thoughts on My Harvey Specter Suits Review, Why Harvey Always Wins and is a Really Awesome Character

To summarize this article, Harvey always wins mainly because he is smart, hard working, ridiculously persistent, and has very good people skills. He is also pretty disagreeable, and has been known to take a lot of risks. These traits combine to make him a very tenacious person who loves to win and who is very career focused and career obsessed, overall Harvey is a really good guy and is very hard working, but he knows how to cut loose and have a good time when he needs to. For more information on Harvey Specter, Mike Ross, and the whole cast of suits characters, comment down below or subscribe to our blog for additional details and information.




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