How Much Money Does Walter White Make, And How Much Money Does He Have At The End of The Show?

In this blog post, I’ll seek to answer the question of how much money does Walter White make, and will walk through exactly how much money he makes through his dealings within the show, what singular events made him the most money, and of all the money that he made and lost throughout the duration of the series. Breaking Bad was definitely one of the greatest show series of all time, and is definitely in my top 10 TV series ever, I love the way that Walter White goes from an anxious Chemistry teacher trying to leave behind money for his family, to a greedy drug Kingpin by the name of Heisenberg who will do anything to destroy all in his path in search of money, power, and in the words of Walter White, empire. As much as the show is about greed and power, at its core, its really about integrating the shadow into your own life, and of how a kind of Beta Male guy turns into a supreme Alpha backed by rage and envy during the last years of his life, with nothing left to lose and pushed by grave circumstances, at its core, its really about making sure to live your life as an adventure.

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How Much Money Does Walter White Make? The Full Rundown of How Much Money He Makes Throughout the Show

If I recall correctly, and bear with me here as I haven’t actually seen the full show in about 5 years or so, (it came out back when I was in college, boy how time flies), some of the major moments where Walt made his first amounts of money include the following:

  1. His First Deals with Jesse Pinkman – These net him between $10,000 to $20,000, which Jesse Eventually Steals
  2. His first big win, the $50,000 He Takes from Tuco by Force, This is the part where he Really Starts to Become Heizenberg
  3. The $1,200,000 payout he gets from Gus
  4. The $3,000,000 per year job he gets from Gus
  5. The $1,000,000.00 he loses by Skylar paying Ted
  6. The $2,000,000.00 per week he makes by Selling to Lydia
  7. His $80,000,000.00 final amount of money that eventually gets stolen

At the end of his life, Walter White hit a peak amount of money worth $80 Million, and I have to say that he made a great run overall. Breaking bad was definitely among the greatest shows in history ever made, and I would highly recommend it!

Final Thoughts on How Much Money Walter White Makes, Why I Think That Walter Had a Great End Run to His Life

What did you think of our Walter White Article? From what I can tell, it looks like Walter White had somewhere around $80,000,000.00, which he eventually lost at the end of his life. Breaking Bad is definitely among my favorite shows of all time, I love the way they frame the psychology in the show and it is very entertaining to watch. For more information, be sure to subscribe and comment!







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