Brian Finch limitless, how much money Brian Finch gets paid by the FBI in the show limitless

Limitless was definitely one of my favorite shows while I was out, and it is saddening to see that it was not renewed for a second season. Nevertheless, there is no shame in looking back, and we can very easily give a great character profile of the main character of the show, Brian Finch, even if we never did get to see a limitless season two. The following blog posts will look at both the psychological profile of Brian Finch, and how much of a salary he likely gets in some of the jobs he has during the series, namely for his career with the FBI. For more information be sure to subscribe to her blog for more details, and comment down below with your thoughts and opinions on the article.

How much Brian Finch gets as an FBI special agent


Considering the show takes place in New York, it’s pretty safe to say that Brian Finch as an FBI special agent, makes upwards of $100,000 per year. Considering he deals with just about every single aspect of the FBI crime watch his business, including forensic accounting, forensic computer science, special Agency, detective work, tackling criminals, and like, it is very much likely, that Brian Finch will be making upwards of $100,000 per year. The typical FBI salary, for a starting special agent, run somewhere around $60-$80,000 per year. Forensic accountants, make a decent amount more than this, and in fact can be in the range of $60-$90,000 per year. Given the fact that Mr. Finch displays a unique set of abilities, I think $100,000 per year, it’s very likely. With his impetuous spending habits, and lack of financial know how, even with all the NCT he typically takes, Brian Finch probably has a net worth somewhere in the range of about $50,000, at any given point in time in the show.


Psychological Profile of Brian Finch Limitless, On NZT

I’ll make this a little bit more interesting than most of our character profile blog posts, in that I’ll review Brian Finch when he’s on NZT, which basically gives him a perfect personality profile, which is really awesome from a psychological perspective, vs who he really is as a person when he is off the pill.


Neuroticism; 1%, I’m not sure if anyone can really hit the 0th percentile on this, but he is definitely on the lowest possible end for neuroticism when he takes NZT, in that he is basically fearless and hyper rational, even in the face of extreme pain as we’ve seen in the show.

IQ/Openness – It allows you to create and do anything, so he is in the 100th percentile for IQ here, in that he basically becomes the smartest person in the world, only beatable by a select handful of people that are also on NZT, such as Senator Morra and Piper Baird.

Brian Finch LimitlessAgreeableness – I’d put him at 30th percentile for this while he’s on NZT, which is basically right in the sweet spot. This is the case because he can push back when he wants or needs to and often does, but his raw personality has much more agreeableness than this, and this is definitely still there even when he’s on NZT.

Extroversion – 100%. In reality, he is naturally closer to like the 88th percentile here, in that he has played in a band and is generally pretty low in neuroticism.

Conscientiousness – 100%. He can basically work nonstop all the time, and is working nonstop all the time while he’s on NZT, and is able to focus quite literally without picking his head up from whatever he’s doing, this puts him at the pinnacle for conscientiousness. Like I said, a perfect psychological profile here.


Without NZT…

Neuroticism – 30th percentile – He is very low in neuroticism anyways, is very laid back and takes it as it comes, a lot of this is due to lack of conscientiousness, but this is a very good trait to have if it is disciplined and harnessed properly.

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IQ and Openness – Since Openness is generally associated with IQ, but he has said before that when he is off NZT all he is really qualified for is like low level jobs, I’d give him somewhere around 115. He is definitely not stupid, but is no genius when he is off the pill, and being he can play a musical instrument and has some other noteworthy talents, he likely could’ve been a college graduate had he applied himself more. For openness I’d put him at the 80th percentile, as he worked in a band for a really really long time and really tried to succeed as a creative pursuit.

Conscientiousness – This is his big issue when he is off the pill, although he gets better at this as the show goes on due to experience even when he is off the pill. When he’s off the pill, he’s probably around the 40th percentile for conscientiousness, or maybe a little bit higher. It’s been shown that he can push himself to have structure when he needs to, but that generally he is pretty lazy.

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