How Much Money Does Christian Grey Have, My 50 Shades of Grey Review

So, how much money does Christian Grey have in the book and movie of 50 shades of grey, and what is the analysis of how he actually made all of his money? In this blog post, we’ll review his holdings, business interests, net worth, annual income, base salary, and the like of how he makes all of his money. There isn’t really a whole lot on the business side of things in the movie or the book, except for a few figures here and there regarding how much money he makes. Like for instance, it is said that he makes $24,000 every 15 minutes….that essentially means that he is clearing $820,000,000….in his pocket….after corporate taxes, FICA, personal taxes and business expenses etc. are paid. This would mean that he is paying himself, after corporate taxes are paid, somewhere in the neighborhood of $1,200,000,000.00 per year, and that he is pulling something like $1,500,000,000.00 per year out of his corporation. This gives me a little bit of a chuckle, because it would essentially mean that Christian Grey….at the age of 27, makes Ray Dalio money. He either has a corporation that makes tens of billions of dollars per year in annual revenue that he draws a hefty salary from, or he has a net worth of north of $50,000,000,000.00 that he is drawing funds from at a dividend of something like 3% per year to accumulate his ridiculous $1,500,000,000 fortune. You would actually need to have like 3 Morgan Stanley offices, a staff of Accountants and yourself to work 70 hours of week to manage that kind of capital….trust me managing this much money would not leave him with much time for having sex all the time like he does in the movie….but I digress. In this blog post, we’ll go through how much money Christian Grey Makes in the movie 50 shades of grey.

How Much Money Does Christian Grey Have?

So, as someone who’s in the field of finance, these numbers are absolutely ridiculous, and they are laughable to say the least. Namely because a guy who just basically does nothing but run around having sex with all these women (which lets face it, in the Me too movement age we are in right now, the boards would’ve stripped this guy of his CEO position given all the women that have come up against him….but I digress). So, basically given his $1,500,000,000, yes, his $1.5 Billion dollar per year annual income that he would have to be making at the age of 27 to keep up with the numbers that they have exclaimed that he has in the movie, the numbers here simply do not add up. Christian Grey, who spends all his time having BDSM escapades with dozens and dozens of women like the movie talks about, would be well on his way to being the richest man in the world, especially if we look at the below math. Lets assume he has a net worth of something like $5,000,000,000.00, which would give him dividends of $150,000,000 per year, and that the other $620,000,000 per year that he makes in after tax profit comes out of his companies holdings. I built a little chart below to show how much money he would have by the time he turned say 65 and started collecting the highest possible allowed amount of social security, which is something like $200,000 per year on top of all the money he already would have by then, see below:

How Much Money Does Christian Grey Make?

These numbers, assuming a 4% increase on his salary each year, would give him a $4,000,000,000.00 per year annual income from his business as of age 65, and at least $1 Trillion in net worth…hence, these figures as said in the former, are absolutely ridiculous.

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How Much Money Does Christian Grey Make?

So he makes $820,000,000.00 per year, which is so unrealistic. The one thing that I like about the movie is that it was very entertaining however, but I definitely laughed about the financing of this billionaire. The funny thing is that you can actually live a lot of his lifestyle with about $2,000,000. You can rent a plane for a few thousand, take girls out to nice dinners for a few hundred, the clothes, etc etc. And so, this is an unrealistic romance novel, and financially it is absolutely hilarious about the realities of the situation.

Final Thoughts on How Much Money Does Christian Grey Have, and Why These Numbers are Absolutely Ridiculous

What did you think of the movie 50 shades of Grey? I may’ve thought it was a ridiculous movie financially, but overall I thought it was a pretty fun clip to watch and I liked the way that they took out Jack Hyde and won in the end, having their child and living happily ever after like a fairy tale. For more information, comment and subscribe for more information!







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