Rachel Zane Suits, My Favorite Female Character on the Show

Rachel Zane is the fifth year paralegal at Pearson Specter litt, and is the daughter of Robert Zane, one of the biggest managing partners in the world in the show. She is also the love interest of Mike Ross, the main character in the show, and has some fiery sex scenes throughout the series that really spice up the shows dynamic, as well as gives the audience a chance to see Megan Markles body.  Her sex appeal aside, Rachel Zane is a really good supporting character on the show, is incredibly smart, hard working and pretty, and is a character that I think on some level we definitely all admire. For more information on Rachel Zane, on Suits, and on all things Finance, be sure to comment down below or subscribe to our blog for additional details.

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Among my top ten favorite Suits characters ranked are:

Rachel Zane Suits

  1. Rachel Zane
  2. Mike Ross
  3. Harvey Specter
  4. Donna Paulson
  5. Katrina Bennett
  6. Louis Litt
  7. Jessica Pearson
  8. Norma
  9. Harold Gunderson
  10. Eric Woodall

My Favorite Scene with Rachel Zane from Suits

My favorite scene with Rachel Zane, has got to be the sexing in the library between her and Mike Ross. It is a very intense scene, and ends on a high note, in that at least Mike Ross gets laid. The scene starts by Rachel questioning Mike asking why he lied in writing her recommendation letter for Harvard. Mike said that he had gone to someone else to do it, to which Rachel questioned him why. She eventually keeps pressing, and Mike in a very vulnerable position, probably about to get fired, and having trouble with his friends, family, loss of his grandmother, and his girlfriend, breaks down and tells Rachel the truth, that he never went to Harvard, that he’s a fraud, and that he is not a lawyer at all. After this, they end up having hot and steamy sex in the mailroom of Pearson, Specter, Litt, and eventually even go on to get married.

Rachel Zane Suits, the Gist of Her Personality Profile as a Character

In looking at a Typical Jordan Peterson style Big 5 Personality Profile, we come across the following for Rachel Zane:

IQ – 95th percentile, I’d give her an IQ of around 125 to 130 give some of the feats that I’ve seen from her in the show, like getting a 172 on the LSAT, or getting into Columbia Law School and working at the largest Law Firm in the world.

Agreeableness – 67% – She is a very nice and agreeable person, and does not get mad easily, and is even seen crying at times. however she can also hit back when she needs to.

Extroversion – 85th percentile – Everyone likes her and she is a very outgoing person.

Conscientiousness – 78th percentile – While she doesn’t exactly have CEO level work ethic or anything, she definitely is a very smart and hard working chick.

Openness – She is a foodie, uses colors a lot, and is actually a little bit artsy. I’d give her 50th percentile for Openness, since other than these few traits, she is pretty much a very conservative woman.

Final Thoughts on My Rachel Zane Suits Review, What I really Think of Rachel Zane from Suits

All in all, I think that Rachel Zane from suits has a very interesting and unique character profile, and that her awesome scenes within the show, as well as her high level of work ethic and intelligence, which make her a strong force to be reckoned with. Anyone would be lucky to date a woman like this, as she is also drop dead gorgeous, Prince Harry is a lucky man, that much is for sure! For more information on all things Suits, Finance and Accounting, be sure to comment and subscribe to our blog for additional details and information.





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