Money and Depression, The dominance hierarchy, how money increases serotonin, and Why being at the bottom is literally painful

The dominance hierarchy is something that I have learned quite a lot about giving my viewing of lectures from Dr. Jordan Peterson. The dominance hierarchy is essentially just what it sounds like, those at the top have more resources, More power, more strength, more meeting opportunities, and better health. Yes, those are the top of the hierarchy even live longer, while those at the bottom of the dominance hierarchy typically die sooner. Overall, the dominance hierarchy is one of the most real things there is, and they have been around for more than 300 million years. As Jordan Peterson states, you can tell how Real something is by how old some thing is, in order to prove his opinion, he goes a step further, saying the dominance hierarchy’s are older than trees, and that the real beyond belief. For more information on money and depression, or on serotonin and on how money affects your mood, subscribe to our blog for daily updates, or comment with any questions and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

What Jordan Peterson Says About the Dominance Hierarchy, Money and Depression As a Whole

As the Jordan Peterson lecture continued, he went on to say how dominance hierarchy’s are extremely real, and how you’re very motivated to get at the top of one. A woman in the class raised her hand, a woman of college-age, who maybe didn’t have such a complete understanding of dominance hierarchy’s, and ask what he was talking about when referring to dominance hierarchy. He Money and Serotoninmention what he was talking about, was essentially related to money and your job, she interrupted again, basically asking if a man’s job, and his socioeconomic status, increases meeting ability with women. He literally said, yes, the better your job is, The more meeting opportunities you will have. As much as it sounds discriminatory, and it very much is, a lot of the reason is that women’s jeans are meant to sniff out the meat that will produce and provide for the best offspring. In this case, the woman is searching for a man that can adequately feed her young, and nursed them to maturity. It’s sexual selection at its finest, it’s mother nature, it’s absolutely ruthless, but it is the real truth.

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More Facts on Money, Serotonin and Depression

Turns out, that money literally can just about by happiness, at least bio chemically. If you look at those long on the dominance hierarchy, essentially those without money, those that are unemployed, or those that are struggling financially, you’ll typically see that someone who is low on the dominance hierarchy, displays the potion of chemicals within their brain, very similar to someone with chronic anxiety and chronic depression. Someone at the top of the hierarchy, tends to be lower neuroticism, low and anxiety, and have little to no depression. Obviously there are different circumstances for this, and other autoimmune illnesses or medications can strongly influence these, however the dominance hierarchy is a very huge factor. The reason for this, is that when you were at the bottom of the dominance hierarchy, your brain produces noradrenaline like hormones, and that the meter, that tells your brain your status is in the hierarchy, is literally saying to your brain, that you need to be on overdrive and able to pick up resources as quickly as possible. What it says on the other side of the coin, is that when you were at the top of the dominance hierarchy, you are safe, and you can relax, your brain produces serotonin, and that the future, either the near future, or the moderately distant future, is relatively secure. This happens in nearly every single species within the animal kingdom, and is one of the largest reasons why Jordan Peterson frequently mentions that lobsters live in dominance hierarchies, and that they are one of the animals where you can tell the most that they are high in serotonin, because they relax their shoulders backwards and they relax like they are the king. 

Final Thoughts on Money and Serotonin, and Why Money is Integral to Our Mental Health

Overall, money is an extremely important factor, not just in how you are able to live, in terms of your lifestyle etc. but also with regards to how your brain produces a good biochemistry for you to subsist in. It is very important that you be at least at the middle of the dominance hierarchy, you know it, I know it, and your brain knows it, and unfortunately, this is just how the system runs. For more information on all things money, be sure to subscribe or leave us a comment down below. Till next time, you heard it here first!








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