Apple vs Microsoft, Who Will Win?

Apple and Microsoft have often been painted as bitter enemies in the tech industry. When it comes to Apple vs Microsoft, Apple has surpassed Microsoft as a leader in what some could consider designer tech. Apple has cornered the market on products that are as gorgeous as they are functional. Microsoft, however, has made a name for itself creating high functioning personal computers, tablets, and cloud computing platforms while Apple has yet to dip its toes into the cloud other than for personal storage with iCloud. Both companies have an incredible amount of influence in the tech industry given their history and their continuing success since their creation.

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Apple vs MicrosoftApple Stock Pricing

Apple stock, at the time of writing this, sits at $293.16 per share and has not been impacted heavily by the coronavirus pandemic. However, many people believe that due to an economic recession companies in tech may see losses later in the year as opposed to now. Apple stock is currently sitting near fair value, it is neither undervalued or overvalued, and as a result is a good buying option as opposed to overvalued stocks as it is priced fairly.

Microsoft Stock Pricing

Microsoft stock, at the time of writing this, sits at $178.84 per share and has been impacted even less than Apple stock during the pandemic, even increasing over the previous two months. Microsoft stock is currently overvalued meaning you’ll likely pay a much higher price than the stock is currently worth. Its PE ratio is 29.8 as opposed to Apple’s 23.

Apple vs Microsoft Chart Events and Future Projections

Currently Apple is showing a bullish pattern where the price crosses the moving average. Projections indicate that the stock over the short-term, two weeks to six weeks, mid-term, six weeks to nine months, and long-term, longer than nine months, is going to increase. Though an economic recession is likely upon us it does seem as if though Apple and Microsoft will fare well through it. Apple has just released its new iPhone SE and iPad which aims to compete with Microsoft’s tablet that has been on the market for several years, the Microsoft Surface. These devices are likely going to draw a profit regardless of economic turmoil.

Microsoft is currently showing a bearish pattern. Projections for the company’s stock are similar to Apple, other than short-term, in that short-term looks have a neutral outcome, and mid-term and long-term are projected to increase in price. Projections for Microsoft look good due to Microsoft’s announcement of a new dual screen Surface tablet which will feature two screens and combine Microsoft and Android into a single device. This device, and the whole family of dual screen surfaces, will drop closer to the end of this year. The timing of this device’s release will allow the country to recover economically and estimated profits of this device to be closer to projections.

What Should You Buy? Apple vs Microsoft

Whether you’re the type to pin Apple vs Microsoft, or think both have a place in the tech world, either Apple or Microsoft is a good option when picking stocks. Both are safe, have been largely unaffected by economic turmoil, and have major device drops that will guarantee good profits over the next few months. Simply due to apples fair value and Microsoft’s overvalued state if you had to pick between the two Apple would likely be your way to go.




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