Ben Felix Review, Why I Like The Ben Felix Youtube Channel, and Why I Have Learned So Much About Finance from His Channel

“Hi everyone, I’m Ben Felix, portfolio manager at PWL Capital, and if you like this video, be sure to subscribe to the rational reminder podcast for more updates,” is the way that every single video on this channel starts out, and I should know, as I’ve seen just about every single video on this channel. I didn’t realize it until I wrote a paper recently for one of my grad school finance classes, but watching his Youtube channel day in and day out, coupled with working full time towards my Series 7 and working full time at a bank, as well as having a strong interest in Finance and having a BA in Finance, but watching all of his videos gave me an incredible amount of knowledge about finance, investing, and the new world of index funds that your average bear does not know. Among the topics Ben Felix talks about on his Youtube Channel include the following:

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And much more in the world of Finance. Most of the information, is strongly centered around portfolio management, which if you’re looking to break into the world of finance or investing, or just to manage your own capital effectively while minimizing fees as much as possible, is extremely useful to know. Watch every single video on his channel, which I know sounds like a lot, but the 100 hours that you spend on it will give you almost CFA-level knowledge of investing and finance, and in my opinion went even further on a lot of the academic research behind portfolio management than even some of my PHD-level finance professors did, I would highly recommend diving into his channel.

My Ben Felix Review, Why I Love His Rational Mindset Towards Finance and Investing, Even If I Think The Stock Market is Only Semi-Strong Form Efficient

I like this Youtube channel because it cuts straight to the Brass Tacks financial research behind portfolio management and investing, and skips all the nonsense products that most other finance Youtube channels will try to sell you. If you watch all 100 of his videos, from start to finish, and some you may need to even watch 2-3 times to really ingrain the concepts into your head and to let them sink in, then you will have more functional investing and financial knowledge than 75-80% of most people that hold a Finance degree from any main named public University, as sad as that is to say about the public collegiate education system.

The reason, is that it gives you only the raw knowledge needed to maximize your investment returns. At many different financial institutions, you’ll find, as you dive deeper into the research on some of their products, that they’re essentially taking your money, charging you a fee, and spinning it around into some function. For instance, in the case of Fixed or Variable annuities, they may have downside protection, but then your participation rate on the upside is capped, you have no liquidity on your money for 5-15 years, and if you need to pull your money out there is a 35-40% surrender charge, and you are now simply getting a lower rate of return that is chunked into monthly payments to make you FEEL like you have a pension, when really you would’ve been better off just withdrawing your money in cash every month and not eating the fees. It’s things like this that the Ben Felix youtube channel will teach you about the game of Finance, and about the real math behind what works and what does not work, and it is why I am very glad that I have watched nearly every single video, and consider myself a loyal fan to the Ben Felix and PWL Capital teams strategy for investing.

Final Thoughts on The Ben Felix Youtube Channel, and Why Everyone Should Subscribe to His Podcast

Have you seen the Ben Felix Youtube channel before and have a different opinion than I do? Be sure to comment down below with your thoughts and opinions on the article, and we’ll get back to you within one business day with a response. And make sure to subscribe to both our blog and the Ben Felix Youtube channel for daily information updates and blog posts on all things Finance, Investing, Taxation and accounting. Overall, I think I strive to educate my users on the field of Finance, even if I occasionally do it with a little more sales copy writing and affiliate jargon than our Sir Felix does, and I think that overall it makes this blog very educational for your average reader. Join me next time where we talk about the benefits of Global Diversification, and how it will almost always give you a better risk-adjusted annualized return, than buying into the home country bias that is simply holding the S and P 500, the Crisp 110, and the United States companies as your portfolio. Thanks for reading, and you heard it first right here at Inflation









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