Venmo IPO, Why Venmo Probably Won’t IPO Anytime Soon, But Why They Probably Should In This Current Economy

As I’m sure just about anyone reading this blog post knows, Venmo is a financial transaction app that allows you to cheaply send money between friends and users, much like you would with something like Paypal, Square, or an over the counter Cash transaction. What many may not understand about the potential of a Venmo IPO however, is that it is both very likely, and very unlikely to happen in the next year, given the current circumstances going on. I also think that, given what is going on with the IRS trying to send out stimulus checks, and Nancy Pelosi constantly talking about UBI, that an IPO for a large financial transactions based app on the scale of Paypal, could help the government and the IRS dish out refunds and a possible Universal Basic Income fund in a more proactive, modern way than they have been doing currently. In this blog post, we’ll look into the Venmo IPO, the finances of the corporation, and the chances of something like this happening. For more information, subscribe to our blog for daily website updates, and comment down below with your thoughts and opinions on the article, and we’ll get back to you within one business day with a response.

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The Venmo IPO, Why I Am Doubtful that This Will Happen Even if It Should in 2020

Personally, I feel that this 2020 recession would be the perfect timing for Venmo to have an Initial Public Offering of their company, and even for them to try and score a government contract from the Democrats who are currently trying to get a form of Universal Basic Income Passed, and even more stimulus packages through the house of representatives. The app Venmo going public would give the company huge amounts of publicity and credibility, and much like how the IRS has considered using Paypal in the past for things like Tax Refunds and Stimulus Checks, Venmo could easily swoop in and get all of that fee revenue from hungry US citizens eager to get their stimulus checks and Universal Basic Income. Jobs have already started to pay their employees via Venmo in cases where corporate bank accounts have gone under and the like, and I personally have had both affiliate income and self employment income paid via Venmo before, if they act now, I think they could have a $10,000,000,000.00+ valuation!

The Finances of Venmo, Why Venmo is Primed for a Multi Billion Dollar Valuation, and Could Hit 11 Figures

As of late, Venmo is currently bringing in something like $500,000,000 per year in annual revenue, with bottom line net income somewhere in the range of $25,000,000 for the year for the company. At a modest 40x earnings multiple, at 3x the current earnings that they have right now, they easily could IPO at a $5,000,000,000.00 valuation, and with some good press coverage, could definitely hit a $10 billion dollar valuation. With their extremely high earnings numbers, and even higher future projections from their large user base, Wall Street would absolutely eat up this IPO, and would give the founders a ton of money to invest back into the company!

Venmo vs Paypal vs Square, and Why Venmo is The Most User Friendly of Them All

Venmo, in comparison to something like Paypal or Square, is much more user friendly, albeit probably not quite as secure. The reason I say this, is that in the case of Paypal or Square, these platforms have an element of secrecy for each individual user, and feel much more like a bank account, let alone a banking platform, than something like Venmo does. Venmo is essentially the Facebook of financial transactions, and in fact when their is a news feed of watermelons, and with every single financial transaction comes accompanied a message that says thanks for the “food,” it is definitely not the same level of professionalism that Paypal or Square have.

Final Thoughts on The Venmo IPO, and Why 2022 is a More Likely Date For it Than This Year

What do you think about the possibility of a Venmo IPO, even in wake of one of the largest recessions of our generation? I say that it is unlikely, but that it would be really cool to watch, and likely in the long run favor of the company. However, given how stocks aren’t exactly getting a high enough earnings multiple right now, I completely understand why Venmo may not want to take a crack at an IPO in 2022 instead, which is what they have been projecting in full. By then, the economy should probably be fully recovered, and they may be able to squeeze out something like a $20 billion valuation consistently, rather than trading below their IPO level like they would if they went public now, just my 2 cents. For more information, comment down below with any questions that you may have, and be sure to subscribe for daily post updates!








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