My Thoughts on Life Currently, Why I’m Writing More Abstract Things As of Late

In this blog post, the current state of my thoughts on life, I’ll walk you through what’s been on my mind lately (can’t honestly imagine that’s something that that many readers want to hear about, but hey I’m doing this for fun so I figure what the heck), and of why I’m starting to enjoy writing for the sake of writing itself, rather than just for getting SEO clicks, traffic, and affiliate income, not that I’m not still obsessed with that as my main goal, but I digress. If you’ll notice the last two blog posts that I’ve written about on this blog have been rather abstract, as I’m starting to use this as more of a journal than a way of getting SEO traffic on finance like I usually would. Not to worry, I can’t imagine this lasting very long as the traffic to these types of blog posts is undoubtedly going to be significantly less than the keyword-optimized content that I usually write, so starting probably in a day or two we’ll be right back to SEO optimization, but for now enjoy the off-topic writing.

I’ll tell you a little bit about why I’ve been writing almost a stream of consciousness style of writing as of late, and the main reason is because of stress at work, and because I’ve been reading more and more about the therapeutic benefits of writing in other areas of life, like in your career, and in improving your grades in other subjects, etc. I’m starting to develop a mild fascination for writing prose for the sake of the art, rather than just cranking out articles as fast as I possibly can in order to get SEO traffic. I’m also finding that writing down your thoughts on paper is a great way to be able to objectively analyze them, and that its helping out my sleep a little bit, allowing me to put my thoughts at ease and know that they will still be there in the morning. Another added benefit of being less rigid with my writing topics on this blog over the past few days, is that I seem to be writing more consistently, having almost a craving for sitting down at the computer and pouring out my thoughts on the page, rather than seeing writing another blog post as an obligation or as a quota that I have to hit. If I can keep this up, I can definitely see it leading to increased profits and traffic just for the sheer consistency and volume of traffic that I’ll bring in from the extra writing, so this experiment could pay off over the long run after all. I have seriously been trying some way to discipline myself to write one blog post per day as a habit, and dammit I think I might’ve found it. And so, in this blog post, here’s my thoughts on life, and what’s going on with me these days.

My Thoughts on Life At the Moment, And Why My Blog Posts Are Getting Sort of Weird

So, I’ll be honest with you, today was a weird day to say the least. I woke up at 6am after about 6 hours of horribly interrupted sleep (I must’ve woke up about 3 or 4 times during the night) to a nosebleed, fun way to start the work week. This lasted off and on for about 2 hours, until I finally drug myself into the shower at around 8am. Remote work has its pros and cons, and I am starting to see both of them come into the light in a more pronounced manner as of late, the amount of time that I am spending in my bedroom these days is probably not ideal, and while I won’t lie about the fact that it is a noticeably easier work day working out of my room at home than it is being at the office (dealing with people, packing lunch,My Thoughts on Life at the Moment commuting, etc. etc.) it is also much less rewarding in certain ways. You have more time and a little bit more spending money, but you give up additional structure and quite frankly people skills and social contact in the meantime, not necessarily a great trade off over the long term, but I’m working with the hand I’ve been dealt.

Given some of these newfound stresses, I’ve been learning more and more about how writing can sometimes help you to get your thoughts on paper so that you can;

A. Sharpen your thinking

B. Look at your own thinking and logic objectively rather than being caught in your own thoughts as the subject.

It is powerful to be able to take a 30,000 foot view of your own thoughts, and it can help you to take a glance at your own thinking and your own life and to see what you’re doing right, and what you’re doing wrong. I am really starting to see how nice it is to be able to put my thoughts on paper so that you are not tortured by them being in your own head.

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New Skills I’m Learning in Writing

So, back to the skill based portion of this blog post, I am starting to dive in to some new skills in the field of writing to sort of sharpen the axe on my own writing skills:

  1. Journaling as a way of thinking more clearly – I am finding writing about my own thoughts to be an incredibly useful writing strategy. Like two of my biggest idols Jordan Peterson and Tim Ferris both say, there is absolutely no difference between writing and thinking. I now understand that he means that technically, writing is quite literally just putting your thoughts down on paper and manipulating them in a certain way.
  2. Learning Stream of Consciousness Prose – I thought that this was basically putting your thoughts down on paper, but its a little bit more than that, and it seems closer to word vomit than journaling, which is putting your thoughts on paper. From the little bit of journaling that I have done over the past few days however, I can see why many successful people in high pressure positions have used morning pages and journaling in order to get their thoughts in order, it gets you out of your own head and can really be a great stress reducer.
  3. Learning to Write like a Journalist – I think this may mean trying out the upside down pyramid strategy (basically putting the most important topics first on the page, because this is what people mainly read and read first, skimming down the rest after that) and probably covering more current events on this blog, don’t worry I’ll keep it mainly to finance, tax and business and will try to avoid politics as much as possible. I think if i get good enough at this it could even serve as a backup job option if I ever needed to go that route, but we’ll see.
  4. Matthew Woodwards SEO Looping Copywriting Strategy – This is the one that I’m most looking forward to, this strategy uses hooks in order to keep the reader reading.
  5. Jordan Peterson’s Strategy – Jordan’s writing method basically involves writing a first draft quickly and then re-writing again and again, over and over again, every single word and sentence until it is perfect. Reading back some of this blog post that I just wrote, I can already tell that this would certainly have a tremendous effect on the quality of my writing, and editing is not something that I usually do since I’m really going for volume of content (and really traffic) on this website, but I’m curious what I could do with some additional quality, will report back.
  6. Tim Ferris’s Strategy – Similar to Jordan Peterson’s method, Tim says that writing is basically editing, and that you can use a few tricks in order to keep making your writing better and better, also worth trying as this is very close to the Neil Strauss method.

Don’t Worry This is Still a Skill-Based Blog Post

See, still a skill-based blog post. Writing is one of those skills that I have thought is both extremely useful and completely useless at the same time. But when I think about how it has benefited my career even in the field of finance (writing papers in college, writing team Bio’s for advisors, writing emails, writing resumes is a big one, cover letters, sales pitches, writing speeches for school, writing blog posts as my first career before finance, etc.) I know that it is certainly not useless, and that writing has actually been a huge part of my career and my life thus far, and that while it doesn’t seem to be as powerful as finance, that it is definitely a useful skill to dig into. I also get way more enjoyment out of it than I do writing code also, which I know kind of sucks because there is way more money in programming (although high level writing and SEO is extremely powerful in its own right.) It’s almost like every single time I try to learn programming, SEO and writing takes me into its grip….maybe my subconscious knows something I don’t and I should pursue this, might be worth a shot.

Final Thoughts on My Thoughts on Life, What I Think About Writing and SEO as a Hobby I’m in Love With

And so, there’s my journal trial blog post, hopefully it wasn’t complete word vomit and that I was able to tie it into at least something of a useful blog post for my readers to take a look at. What did you think of this somewhat abstract blog post? Comment down below and let us know and be sure to subscribe to our blog for additional details and information. Until next time, you heard it first right here at Inflation Also, I just want to add in one additional skill that I got from writing a lot in my past and consistently blogging that has helped me out a ton in finance, TYPING SPEED! Typing fast is something that is so underrated in the business world, and I think I can easily hit 90 to 100 WPM, which helps me out a ton since I think its a skill that is dying out. Thanks for reading!







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